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SBC and Social Justice: A List of Links To Prove the Agenda is Real

News Division

This post is designed to provide an extensive but not comprehensive list of articles from Pulpit & Pen documenting SBC leaders pushing so-called “Social Justice” upon its membership. It is designed to be simple and straight-forward.

The Problem: Social Justice is a term invented by South American Roman Catholic Priests and the churches affiliated with the World Council of Churches, combining Marxist ideology with Christian theology. It does not simply imply “doing justice.” It is a politically-loaded term with a well-established history and non-conspiratorial and verified founding in deeply unChristian ideas.

The Claim: We assert that Southern Baptists would never have been promoting the type of leftist ideology they are now promoting if it weren’t for a fundamental shift in focus away from the Gospel and toward cultural appeasement. We believe this movement has been lead by SBC entity heads and “influencers” who are enamored with worldliness.

The Solution: The solution is for Southern Baptists to focus on preaching the Gospel, wrapped in a Biblical worldview. Idealogues and the propaganda being pushed by Southern Baptist elites must be rejected by believers in the pew. SBC churches need to leave (or stop cooperating) with the SBC until its leaders come to repentance.

The following links provide the evidence of how far leftward the SBC has gone politically, and how they have fully embraced Social Justice ideas that come from “vain philosophy and empty deceit” that the Apostle Paul warned us about.

Every link goes to a P&P article, and every P&P article contains hyperlinks to original and primary sources that substantiate our claims. Where necessary, screenshots are provided.

Critics might say, “These all go back to Pulpit & Pen. I want a different source.” We cannot emphasize enough to click on the links provided in each article, and they will take you to an outside primary source. All it will take is a few clicks of your mouse. This research is being handed to you on a silver platter. You just need to click.

Titles may be changed for the sake of brevity or clarity.

Also, please keep in mind these links are not comprehensive. There are far, far more in the archives of Pulpit & Pen.

Finally, not all links may be about a Southern Baptist leader. Some may take you to articles about leaders of other organizations, like The Gospel Coalition. Please understand the connection between these organizations. like the mutual boards, contributors, speakers, and writers between TGC and the Southern Baptist Convention’s ERLC. Or, the article might be provided because its content addresses Southern Baptists, even if the title does not.


Social Justice Leaders Freak Out Over Documentary Citing Their Own Words

Four SBC Presidents Chide Founders for Causing Disunity

SBC Elites Angry at Documentary Exposing Identity Politics in the Church

DNC Hiring Social Justice Pastors to Win 2020 Election

The Social Justice Dark Money that is Funding SEBTS

Al Mohler Removed from Ligonier for Social Justice Stance

Tim Keller Demanding Social Justice in the Name of John Calvin

Tim Keller Trashes Dallas Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel

Woke SBC Seminary Now Offering Degree in Social Justice

Mohler Loses Cool at ShepCon Q&A, Refuses to Have Fruitful Discussion on Social Justice

David Platt Adds Social Justice to the Great Commission

SEBTS Student Whistleblower Tells-All About Social Justice Takeover at Seminary

Russell Moore Compares Dallas Statement Signers to Racists, Bigots

Albert Mohler’s Social Justice Blacklist

Russell Moore Likes Tweet Calling Social Justice Statement “Stupid”

Ed Stetzer Attacks John MacArthur Over Social Justice

Social Justice Groups, 9Marx and TGC Throw Hissy Over VP Pence Appearing At SBC Annual Meeting

Video on How Soros Rents Evangelicals to Push Social Justice

Social Justice Hijacking of Evangelicalism

SBC Annual Convention a Tribute to Social Justice and Political Correctness

Jonathan Merritt Says Legalizing Marijuana is a Social Justice Issue

Baptists Promote Abortion as Social Justice Issue

9Marx Mark Dever and Fabian Socialists

JD Greear Confuses “Justice” and Mercy in Sermon

SBC Tries to Silence Criticism in Social Media, in Ramp-Up of Social Justice Promotion

Thabiti Anyabwile Wants Ecumenical Council on “Racial Justice”

Why We Call it The Social Gospel Coalition

ERLC Promotes “Racial Justice” Sunday

Russell Moore Partnering with the NAR to Promote Social Justice

Russell Moore: Advancing Socialism Starts with the Church

Matt Chandler and the Unbearable Weight of Wokeness

SEBTS Dean, Brent Aucoin, Makes Fake Twitter Account to Attack Social Justice Opponents

TGC Doesn’t Want You to Vote For Trump: We Get It

Beth Moore Deletes Anti-Homosexual Material from Past Writing

Feminist CRT Books Sold by SEBTS

TGC Reinforces Redefinition of ‘Complementarian’

Steve Deace Rips Russell Moore Over His Open Borders Immigration Beliefs

Jerry Falwell Jr Rips Russell Moore Over His Open Borders Immigration Beliefs

While Defending Social Justice Stances, Beth Moore Attacks “Doctrinal Purity”

When Pressed, Beth Moore Chooses Not to Say Homosexuality is a Sin

SEBTS Secretly Scrubs Critical Race Theory from Website

How the SBC Just Endorsed Marxism (in Resolution 9)

SJW and Fake Gang Member, Kyle J Howard, Wants SBC to Excommunicate Those Who Criticize Other Southern Baptists

2019 SBC Convention Off to a Woke Start

Disagreeing with Beth Moore is “Cyber-Bullying” Say Her SJW Allies

The Man Who Wanted SBC to Deny VP Pence a Place at SBC Annual Meeting Appointed as Next President of Annual Meeting

SBC Employee, Jared Wilson, Absurdly Wonders if Whitefield was Really a Christian

Beth Moore’s Journey from SBC Bible Study Teacher to Full-Blown Feminist

Detailed Proof Critical Race Theory Has Taken Over SEBTS

Joe Carter (Works for Both TGC and ERLC) Says “Cultural Marxism” is Racist Term

SEBTS Says White People Adopt Black Babies Because They’re Racist

Baptist Paper Says It’s Anti-Semitic to Criticize George Soros

SEBTS Says White Ministers Shouldn’t Pastor Minority Churches

9Marx, SBC Leaders Speak at Cultural Marxism Conference

Ligon Duncan (TGC Board Member) Promotes Gay Priest at Q&A

Southern Baptists Align with Gay Priest

Thabiti Anyabwile Promotes Gun-Grabbing

Eric Mason Blames Black Abortions on White People

Dave Miller at ERLC Accuses SBC of Racism

Russell Moore Silent on Trump’s Defense of the Unborn

Jackie Hill Perry Agrees with Lesbian Friend the Church Hurts Gay People

Thabiti Anyabwile Hijacks Pro-Life Movement to Push Social Justice at SBC Seminary

SBTS Slavery Report Results in Racial Disunity

Mohler’s Racial Pandering Backfires

Karen Prior Starts Feminist Women’s Ministry Group

Tim Keller Russell Moore, Trying to Move Evangelicals into Democrat Fold

Former SBC VP Calls for Affirmative Action in Denominational Hiring

SBC Seminary Promotes Critical Race Theory in 6-Part Series

Matt Chandler Says Evangelicals “Lose Their Soul” By Voting for Trump

Jemar Tisby Calls for Boycott Against Dallas Statement Signers

ERLC Continues to Promote Leftists

SBTS Hiring Based Off of Race

Gay-Affirming ERLC Research Fellow Affirms Gay-Affirming Revoice Conference

Even Catholics Notice SBC Softened Stance on Homosexuality

Thabiti Anyabwile Would Rather Abortion Be Legal than Support Trump

Karen Prior Glib About Eating with Planned Parenthood

Wider Christianity is Noticing SBC’s Hard-Left Turn

Russell Moore Argues Against Secure Borders Immigration Policies

ERLC has Reporter Tossed By Police for Asking About Gay-Affirming Conference

Danny Akin and SEBTS Threaten Faculty with Sensitivity Training and Firing for Not Being ‘Woke’

SBC Leaders Float Idea of Beth Moore as Next SBC President

Kyle J. Howard Says Calling Someone ‘Cultural Marxist’ is Like Calling Them a [N-Word]

Beth Moore Supports Pro-Gay Jen Hatmaker’s Baptism by Gay Episcopal Priest

SBC Launches Race-Based Affirmative Action Hiring Database

Ed Stetzer Ignores Voice of Black Christians

TGC Excludes White Women From Ladies’ Conference

Denominational Leaders Gather at Wheaton to Brainstorm How to Make Evangelicals Vote Democrat

Thabiti Anyabwile Says All White People Are Complicit in Murdering Dr. King

How Clinton’s Globalist Financier, James Riady, is Funding SBC Entities, TGC, Etc

SEBTS Holds ‘Malcolm X Read-In” Event

Obama Staffer Now Writing for TGC

Russell Moore Says “Pro-Life” Position is About Immigration

Pastor Exposes Evangelical Deep State; Ed Stetzer Loses It

ERLC Cries Foul About DACA, Decries Immigration Laws

Jemar Tisby Wants Less Racial Integration in Churches, More Division

ERLC Trustee Chair’s Church Promotes Identity Politics

Matt Chandler Enabling Radical Islamic Group

Chandler’s Village Church Promotes Animal Rights Activist, Karen Prior

How the ERLC and TGC Have Merged Into One

ERLC’s Animal Rights Agenda

Russell Moore Advocates for Mosques

Thabiti Anyabwile Endorses Bernie Sanders is Democratic Primary

ERLC’s Karen Prior Says Abortion Isn’t Murder, Defends Abortionists

Ed Stetzer to Speak at Evangelical-Muslim Interfaith Worship Event

The ERLC’s Progressivism, As Seen by Karen Prior

New ERLC Hire Member of Progressive Baptist Denomination

SEBTS President Promotes Atheist Group

Russell Moore Praises Pope, Illegal Immigration, Environmentalism

AOC and Woke Evangelicals Have Same Talking Points

JD Greear Says Voting for Democrats in 2020 is ‘Great’

Thabiti Anyabwile Pursues Slave Reparations

Russell Moore Signs ‘Common Ground’ Statement with Muslim Leaders

Gospel Coalition Says You Need to Give Away Your Wealth to Be ‘Just’

SBC Writer, Alan Cross, Says Attorney General “Subverting Christianity” for Upholding Immigration Law

Karen Prior Promotes Illegal Immigration

ERLC’s Joe Carter Attacks Roy Moore But Defends MLK

The Long History of Russell Moore’s Break with Southern Baptist Values

TGC Claims Black Lives Matter is a New Civil Rights Movement

Mohler and Karen Prior Refuse to Condemn Black Lives Matter Anti-Cop Movement

ERLC Has Animal Rights Agenda

ERLC/Joe Carter Attack Kim Davis Instead of Defending Her

Ferguson and the Soft Bigotry of SBC Leaders

Why Did Eric Metaxas Quit Russell Moore’s Evangelical Immigration Table?

How Russell Moore is Causing the Border Crisis He’s Complaining About

Don’t Be Fooled by Russell Moore’s Video on Socialism

Absent from Abortion Fight, Russell Moore Focuses on Aliens and Conspiracy Theories

Russell Moore Says We’ll Be Ashamed of Trump’s Immigration Policies

Russell Moore Says SBC Churches Need to Disciple the ‘Transgender’ Community (as though they’re Christians)

Russell Moore Says Masculinity and Feminity Fuel Transgenderism

Russell Moore Says ‘Blackface’ is As Bad as Abortion

Russell Moore Joins Event with Nancy Pelosi

Russell Moore Says Rights Are Never Absolute

Russell Moore Takes Pelosi’s Side in Immigration Debate

Wikipedia Correctly Notes Russell Moore is a Communitarian

Russell Moore Goes on CNN to Complain About Immigration Law

Russell Moore Joins with George Soros to Promote Immigration Lawlessness

Russell Moore Named Pro-Sodomy Author Eugene Peterson as His Favorite

Russell Moore Condemns ‘White Lives Matter’ But Not ‘Black Lives Matter’

Russell Moore Speaks At Conference Promoting Wealth Redistribution

George Soros and Russell Moore Team Up to Bash Trump on Immigration

Russell Moore Says Southern Baptists Disagree with Trump on Immigration Policy

Russell Moore Promotes Muslim-Christian Interfaith Prayer

Russell Moore Defends His Promotion of Mosque-Building

HuffPo Recognizes Russell Moore as a “Moderate”

Russell Moore Called “Open Border Zealot” By Major Publication, His Soros Connections Examined

Russell Moore Calls Border Wall a “Golden Calf,” Likens it to Idolatry

Republican Senator Calls out Russell Moore On His Leftist Politics

Major Newspapers Says Russell Moore “Shifts His Posture” On Gays

Russell Moore Says Folks Who Are Against Illegal Immigration Will (Somehow) Become Pro-Choice, Too

Russell Moore Says He’s Unsure of His Own and Pope Francis’ Focus

Russell Moore Dodges Question About Jesus Being Illegal Alien

Russell Moore Defends Mosque Construction

Karen Prior Edits Books with Pro-Gay Views

Jonathan Merritt Comes Out in Support of Drag Queen Story Time

Joe Carter Calls for Impeachment of Trump

SBC’s Gay Priest: Sanctification Does Not Require Heterosexuality

SBC’s Gay Priest Offers Praise for Bolz-Weber’s Purity Ring Genitals Statue

Kyle J. Howard Says “Republicans Are Party of White Supremacy”

Kyle J. Howard Says White People Have False God; Black People the True God

SBC’s Gay BFF, Sam Allberry, Promotes Child Adoption of “Non-Traditional” Families

ERLC-Backed Evangelical Group Supports “Gay Rights”

Virtue Signaling Southern Baptists Apologize for Slavery for the 1,394th Time

Gay Preist at Southern Baptist Event

SBC Executive Committee Shuts Down Criticism of ‘Woke’ Leaders

ERLC and Albert Mohler Redefining “Family” to Be More LGBTQ Inclusive

ERLC Posts Ridiculous Animal Rights Video, Claims it Was An Accident After Outrage

Evangelical Leaders Assisting Soros’ Takeover of America

ERLC’S Karen Swallow Still Gay Affirming

SBC Entities Suppress Dissent and Disagreement of Students and Employees Regarding MLK50 and SJW Issues

ERLC Leads Fight to Continue Chain Migration

ERLC Tweets Out Support and Link to Soros’ Website

Major Theological Errors in ERLC’s Statement on Immigration

If you have any questions about any individual in particular, please type their name in the search function of P&P. If you would like to help us fight Social Justice, click here.