Beth Moore Attacks “Doctrinal Purity”

Beth Moore, who has jumped out of the closet as a foaming-at-the-mouth feminist and Social Justice leftist over the course of the last year, is now using her position as a “Bible teacher” to attack doctrinal purity.

Yes, that’s right. The wild-eyed and increasingly-bizarre feminist preacher seems to be going through some kind of spiritual menopause, experiencing dramatic life changes and manifesting hot-flashes of outrage on social media.

And now, Moore is attacking doctrinal purity, of all things.

Paul told Pastor Titus in the second chapter and first verse of his epistle, “But as for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine.” But Paul also told Titus that spiritual leaders needed to be men and Beth Moore has ignored that, too.

In a rant against her critics, Moore stated the following.

Moore is clearly speaking with a forked tongue out of both sides of her stammering, lisping lips. While claiming that we must pursue sound doctrine, Moore derides those who stand up for “doctrinal purity.” Moore’s claim is that those pursuing doctrinal purity are behind “injustices” and “past sins committed against fellow believers.”

This is typical Social Justice talk, a flailing-about regarding white guilt and secret misogyny (like the type that didn’t let women preach).

She continued in her tirade against conservatism…

The Cultural Marxist and Critical Race Theory overtures are clearly present in Moore’s shallow thinking, as she refers to “abuses of power,” quoting the power-structure dynamic of the oppressed versus oppressor ideological structure of Karl Marx.

Of course, religious conservatism is better than religious liberalism and “Christlikeness” is a subjective standard (at best) from someone like Moore, who most likely doesn’t know Jesus even though she thinks he speaks directly to her constantly.

Notice that Moore blames religious conservatives for the enemies of God blaspheming Him.

Ostensibly, Moore is speaking about Paige Patterson (who didn’t handle a sex abuse case as Moore and her flock of #churchtoo cacking hens would have liked) and Paul Pressler (who is likely a sexual deviant).

Then, Moore impugns the entire Conservative Resurgence as claiming that it was “done without holiness.”

Then, Moore asks that we “do this” differently than the Conservative Resurgence.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that even though Moore claims to be a conservative, she is not. She has intentionally misled evangelicals for decades about her positions (or she has altered them very quickly) in order to masquerade as a conservative and lead captive weak women (2 Timothy 3:6).

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