Ireland Govt to Churches-Declare if You’ll ‘Marry’ Gays or Lose License Altogether

(Lifesite News) A Northern Ireland government body has backtracked and apologized after writing to churches and asking them to state


Marines Give in to ‘Cancel Culture’- Veto Seminar by Christian Speaker

(WND) The “cancel culture” has struck again, this time in the Marine Corps, with the cancellation of a training session


Mohler Accuses John MacArthur of ‘Malpractice’ for Having Worship

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Dr. Albert Mohler kicked off a new season of the Briefing by accusing his friend,


Amazon Prime Cancels “Babies Are Still Murdered Here” Film

(Free the States) The anti-abortion documentary Babies Are Still Murdered Here, which had been available to Amazon Prime users since November of


Bizzare Jerry Falwell Jr. Yacht Pictures were from ‘Trailer Park Boys’ Themed Party

Pictures that emerged last night of Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. in a state of undress, holding a wine


Help Us Get the Gospel to Jails and Prisons During COVID-19 Lockdowns

At FBC Sidney*, we have been going into our local jail for years each week with a men’s Bible study.


Officials Threaten MacArthur with Arrest for Holding Worship Services

With “his friends” nowhere to be found, the octogenarian pastor-theologian who has garnered the respect of millions throughout his long


John MacArthur Says Pastors like J.D Greear and Andy Stanley Don’t Know What a Church is

Pastor MacArthur released a quick update on Grace Community Church’s decision to finally reopen after several months closed, joining the


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Idiocracy: People Want to Rename “Lynchburg, VA” Because It *Sounds* Racist

Of all the news of fanatical wokism that has crossed the newswires in recent months, from #BlackLivesMatter activists destroying statues

Wearing a Mask is Just Advertising You’re an Awful Person

America has been pillaged, plundered, ruined, and ravaged by an invisible enemy. And that enemy is not COVID-19. The invisible

New ‘Babysitters Club’ TV Series Features 9-Year Old Transgender Boy

Netflix has rebooted “The Baby-Sitters Club” – A TV series and book series from the 90’s that follows the ups

I’m Not Anti-Racist and You Shouldn’t Be, Either

No, I’m not “anti-racist.” I’m not anti-racist because terms have meanings, and only racist people are anti-racist. If that sounds