Rick Warren: His Stainglass Window and His Female “Pastors”

One of the first articles I ever published at this site was entitled “Ecumenism, Book Sales, Beth Moore, and the


To Jackie Hill Perry: God Wants Christians Straight

Dear Jackie, My friends at Protestia recently published yet another critical article about you. Their latest critique is about the


Revival? What Asbury Believes

For nearly two weeks, Christian social media has been atwitter with commentary over what’s being called “The Asbury Revival” at


Charles the Tree and Andy the Apple

“Obey God and Leave the Consequences to Him” Charles Stanley There is probably no greater insult the child of a


Arizona Pastor Blows the Whistle on Andy Stanley

At this point, let’s not deceive ourselves into thinking that Andy Stanley’s churches are populated by regenerate, bible-beliving Christians. In


Ain’t Gonna Play Sun City Baptist Church

In 1985 a group of popular musical acts calling themselves Artists United Against Apartheid released the song Sun City. Sun


Robby Gallaty’s Glowsticks Are Not the Problem

Baptist preacher Costi Hinn knows a spectacle when he sees one. For years he was in the employ of his


Jackie Hill Perry: Enneagram is “Demonic”

In a recent video posted through Instagram, Jackie Hill Perry decried the Enneagram as “demonic”. Not only did Perry condemn


Cheap Worship, Expensive Church

“It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.” Dolly Parton. Riverside Community Church is a PCA congregation that


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‘Woke Church’ Pastor Eric Mason Twists Scripture in Reparation Sermon: Wants 200 years of Free Tuition for Black Students

Dr. Eric Mason, pastor of Epiphany Fellowship Church in Philadelphia and author of ‘Woke Church‘ joined fellow travellers such as

Netflix Under Fire for Releasing ‘Cuties’ Film about 11 y/o Twerking Girls

Netflix issued a non-apology Thursday after being met with massive backlash on social media for a new film soon to

Jemar Tisby ‘We need to Consistently Address Racial Justice for Months and Years’

Jemar Tisby, leader of the Witness Black Christian Collective, a group rife with pro-choice leaders and speakers which daily reminds

Idiocracy: People Want to Rename “Lynchburg, VA” Because It *Sounds* Racist

Of all the news of fanatical wokism that has crossed the newswires in recent months, from #BlackLivesMatter activists destroying statues

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