Podcast: Live Not By Lies

This episode of Polemics Report involves topics that may be unsuitable for young children, including discussions of physical specifics and


Podcast: Woke Has a Definition

On this episode of Polemics Report for July 21st, 2021, JD discusses some of the fallout from the recent Protestia


Podcast: Whitewashed

On this episode of Polemics Report for July 12th, 2021, JD puts to rest once and for all the charges


Podcast: Spurgeon vs Marx

On this episode of Polemics Report for July 7th, 2021, JD discusses the biblical origins and principles that make capitalism


Podcast: Total Theological Depravity

On this episode of Polemics Report for July 6th, 2021, JD exposes the support for every grievous sin (including pedophilia)


Branded: An Open Letter to Redemption Church

To the Members of Redemption Church, Do any of you still remember when you were known as the First Baptist


SBC 2021: Merritt, Greear, Floyd and Other Men I Doubt are Saved

“Friendship is genuine only when you bind fast together people who cleave to you through the charity poured abroad in


Podcast: Is It a Sin to Stay in the SBC?

On this episode of Polemics Report for June 23rd, 2021, JD and David discuss the 2021 SBC Annual Meeting with


Social Issues

Here’s How to Stay in Touch During My Exile From Facebook

Honestly, the thought of being without Facebook causes me a bit of anxiety. Although I could go sometimes days or

‘Woke Church’ Pastor Eric Mason Twists Scripture in Reparation Sermon: Wants 200 years of Free Tuition for Black Students

Dr. Eric Mason, pastor of Epiphany Fellowship Church in Philadelphia and author of ‘Woke Church‘ joined fellow travellers such as

Netflix Under Fire for Releasing ‘Cuties’ Film about 11 y/o Twerking Girls

Netflix issued a non-apology Thursday after being met with massive backlash on social media for a new film soon to

MA Schools Calls Cops+ Social Services on Parents whose Kids Miss Zoom Classes

(Boston Globe) Massachusetts school officials have reported dozens of families to state social workers for possible neglect charges because of