With 2020 Announcement, Kanye West Is the Only Christian Running for The Presidency

Rapper, fashion designer, and newbie christian Kanye West has taken us out of the darkest timeline and into the light,


Podcast: Useful Idiots and #BLM, Sincere Questions, and Pacifism

On this episode of Polemics Report, JD spends most of his time going over an article posted at Aquilla Report


Trump Proposes ‘National Garden’ With Statue of Evangelist Billy Graham

Trumped signed an executive order on Friday calling for a “National Garden of America” that would contain statues of famous


The Poison of Pro-lifeism: Supreme Courts again Rejects Emasculated Regulation

(Free the States) The supreme court made a decision on Monday which should convert every reasonable pro-lifer into an abolitionist.


A Gallery Of The Faithful Gathering For Church Amid Pandemic. Album Fifteen

The fifteenth album in an on-going series documenting faithful churches gathering for Sunday service in the midst of the coronavirus


Movie Producer says Paris Jackson’s Portrayal of Lesbian-Jesus ‘Blown out of Proportion’

A producer for the upcoming movie ‘Habit’ has responded to critics who have launched petitions to halt the release of


Church Shocked to Learn Premise was Used For Impromptu Drag Show

A small church in Port Hope, Ontario was surprised to learn that a group hosted a two hours drag show


NBA and Player Union Agree to 29 Social Justice Messages on Jerseys. No Christian Messages Allowed

The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association have reached an agreement allowing for certain social messages to be displayed


NY Priest Teaches ‘Christ is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer.’ Rome is Silent

(Life Site News) On June 28, 2020, Paulist priest Rick Walsh offered “a reflection” entitled “We All Belong to Each Other” at St.


Social Issues

I’m Not Anti-Racist and You Shouldn’t Be, Either

No, I’m not “anti-racist.” I’m not anti-racist because terms have meanings, and only racist people are anti-racist. If that sounds

Activists Demand Replacement of National Anthem with Marxist Song or Lennon’s ‘Imagine’

Woke Religionists are not only toppling statues to the founders and heroes of Western Civilization but are now placing a

CHAZ Shooting “Victim” Wants to Sue Cops for Not Being There to Help

Imagine rogue anarchists forcefully take over six blocks of a major U.S. city to ostensibly protest the police and immediately

Viral Video: Black Officer Preaches Gospel to White #BLM Protestor

An obnoxious young white woman was protesting the police, accusing a white officer of being a racist. The white officer