NY Mayor Keeps Churches Locked Down but Not Protests; cites ‘400 Years of American Racism’ as Justification

(Fox News) Democratic New York City mayor Bill de Blasio raised eyebrows on Tuesday for his explanation as to why he continues


‘It Just Isn’t Cool’ Says Pat Robertson as he Condemns Trump For Law & Order Comments

Controversial Televangelist Pat Robertson wagged his finger at President Donald Trump on Tuesday, scolding him over his threat to control civil unrest by sending

Make Theology Great Again

Make Theology Great Again

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Mask-wearing Joel Osteen Joins Houston Protest March in Support of George Lloyd

Lakewood Megachurch impastor Joel Osteen took to the streets of Houston on Tuesday to join the protest march in support


Trump Campaign Releases Pride-theme Shirt in Celebration of Sexual Perversion

The Trump campaign released an official and exclusive “Pride” T-shirt for sale on their online store in order to show


PCUSA lost 50K members, 120 congregations in 2019

(Christian Post) Presbyterian Church (USA) recently reported that it lost around 50,000 members and over 100 congregations in 2019, which


Podcast: Virtue-Twerking Here, There, Everywhere!

On this episode of Polemics Report for June 1, 2020, JD discusses the insanity surrounding the Great Race Riots of


Bishop More Upset at Trump Taking Pictures in Front of Church than at Arsonists who Tried to Burn it Down

President Trump stood before the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church in downtown Washington, DC, late Monday evening, in a move


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Militant Butch Lady Preacher Says White Hymn-Writers Never Experienced Suffering

In November of 2018, Jackie Hill Perry tweeted out that the Gospel did not belong to the “white man.” I

Will Rioting Arsonists Remember Planned Parenthood’s War on Blacks?

As lawless criminals dishonor the memory of George Floyd be victimizing innocent people and terrorizing whole cities, arsonists have had

Are Louisville Rioters Aware of Southern Seminary’s Confederate Monuments?

In the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death in police custody, riots are spreading across cities in the United States

Breaking: ALL Test Subjects of Bill Gates’ Vaccine Got Coronavirus When Exposed

What could possibly go wrong with fast-tracking a hastily put-together vaccine to treat an illness with a .26% fatality rate