SBC Leader who Kneecapped Conservatives has Resigned

(Capstone Report) The Southern Baptist Convention leader who attacked Southern Baptist church member Todd Starnes by calling him a “Shock


Lifeway Author Tony Evans Partners with Trinity-Denying Heretic T.D. Jakes for Promise Keepers Conference

We don’t know why people don’t care that T.D is a Trinity denying heretic but with the number of conferences,


Podcast: The Gospel Coalition is Against the Holy Ghost

On this episode of Polemics Report for July 7, JD goes through an article by TGC claiming the world does


Kanye: Planned Parenthood Are White Supremacists Who Work for the Devil

Well, the rapper-turned-Christian-turned-politician isn’t wrong about everything. Sure, appearing at Osteen’s smiley prosperity cult was a disheartening judgment call for


Black Church Should Pay the SBC Reparations

This story is hilarious, at least if you despise the Southern Baptist Convention (which I do). It’s hilarious in a


New Supreme Court Ruling: Employers Don’t have to Pay for Birth Control or Abortions

(WND) In a 7-2 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday gave yet another victory to the Little Sisters of


Supreme Court: Christian Schools Have Right to Hire/ Fire Whoever They Want

(Life News) The U.S. Supreme Court handed down another victory for religious freedom Wednesday when it ruled that the government


Kanye West Talks God and Christianity in His Presidential Policy Unveiling

Kanye West is running for President of the United States, and while he doesn’t have a shot of winning, he


Bethel Church Casts out Demon of Racism with Wizard Staff and Incantations

Listeners of Bethel Church’s Transformation Now series were treated with a sight not usually seen when prophetess Marlene Barrett, in


Social Issues

I’m Not Anti-Racist and You Shouldn’t Be, Either

No, I’m not “anti-racist.” I’m not anti-racist because terms have meanings, and only racist people are anti-racist. If that sounds

Activists Demand Replacement of National Anthem with Marxist Song or Lennon’s ‘Imagine’

Woke Religionists are not only toppling statues to the founders and heroes of Western Civilization but are now placing a

CHAZ Shooting “Victim” Wants to Sue Cops for Not Being There to Help

Imagine rogue anarchists forcefully take over six blocks of a major U.S. city to ostensibly protest the police and immediately

Viral Video: Black Officer Preaches Gospel to White #BLM Protestor

An obnoxious young white woman was protesting the police, accusing a white officer of being a racist. The white officer