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Mohler’s Pandering to Racialists Backfires, as They Now Demand Reparations from SBTS

Albert Mohler, who has slowly been turning the once-great Southern Baptist Theological Seminary from a bastion of solid theology to a center for social religion and Neo-Liberalism, recently released a report on the racist beginnings of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS). In a pandering, patronizing overture to racialists (those who are fixated on race) – for the purpose of signaling his own political correctness – Mohler has accidentally stirred up a hornet’s nest among those who find that his gesture hasn’t gone far enough. 

As we wrote in the post, Virtue Signaling Southern Baptists Apologize for Slavery for the 1,394th Time, the report on SBTS racism is already well-studied and well-publicized. Furthermore, it has already been repented of ad nauseam. 

The response from the political left, Critical Race Theorists and Cultural Marxists wasn’t to applaud Mohler for his open-minded sensitivity and newly-found wokeness. The response was to demand that SBTS pay reparations. 

There is an old expression from the Ozark hills…if you stir the manure, it’s going to stink. And that analogy is fitting for Mohler or any other Social Justice Warrior who insists on revisiting already-forgiven sins. 

Ekemini Uwan, who made these tweets, is a graduate of Westminster Philadelphia. Westminster Philadelphia is funded by James Riady, the corrupt globalist Clinton financier who has been expelled from the United States and is prohibited from re-entry. Riady’s crime was corrupting the American political system with foreign cash. Although he cannot give to political causes any longer, he gives heavily to Westminster Philadelphia, The Gospel Coalition, and Reformed Theological Seminary. 

It’s not just Westminster grads calling for SBTS to pay reparations, but also former SBTS students.

Howard is only partially black, and he is partially white, so one half of him would have to pay reparations to the other half for this to work. 

As absurd (and ungodly) the notion of penalizing people who have never personally injured another man who was never personally injured himself, let this be a lesson.

You cannot appease the left with your racializing. You can make them happy by your public displays of sackcloth and ashes. You cannot make them content by your 1,395th apology. 

You cannot, and should not, negotiate with terrorists. 

[Editor’s Note: HT Reformation Charlotte]