Mother Makes Facebook Post to Her Baby, Explaining Why She Just Aborted Them

Skyla Rose Loesch, who describes herself on Facebook as a “20 years old, mother to two babies and two angels,” made a post to her baby, expressing her love to the child she just paid a surgical hitman to murder. 

The two “angels” to whom she is a mother are two children she’s murdered. 

Posting an ultrasound photo of the baby, Loesch spoke to the now-dead child explaining why her child needed to be exterminated. 

According to the mother, she loved the baby (who she acknowledges is a baby) with “all of [her] heart,” and her siblings would have loved them, but they had to be murdered because they deserved to be loved more

Within hours, the mother posted on Facebook that she was excited to go out and drink.

Her over-flowing love for the newly dead baby has flown seamlessly into her enthusiasm to legally drink on her birthday. Let’s pray the mother-of-the-year has a designated driver. 

This woman is not a ‘victim’ of the abortion industry. She is the victimizer. The only difference between this woman and Casey Anthony is their timing. 

Skyla Rose Loesch 

Since her post to her dead child, Loesch has since posted a meme – not fit to publish on this news site – of a graphic sexual position with the caption, “Has pregnancy scare…says will never have sex again…two days later…” 

Let’s pray that Loesch figures out how babies are made so she can stop killing them. 

Loesch received some criticism, but many positive responses. She was emboldened and posted the following…

Of course, Loesch didn’t write a Facebook post to her body, as though she were saying goodbye to her elbow or eyebrows. She was saying goodbye to another person, her baby, who is not – in fact – her body. 

Some begged Loesch to let them adopt her baby the next time she got pregnant and decided there wasn’t enough love to go around. This was her response.

Loesch reminds us that mothers who abort their children are often not victims, and should not be treated as victims by the pro-life lobby. They are murderers who intentionally pay people to snuff out their babys’ lives for no reason but their own selfishness. Abortion should be criminalized, and those who commit it once made illegal, should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. 

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