Southern Seminary Proves It’s Not Racist By Hiring Based On Race

Not to be outdone by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary’s “Kingdom Diversity” affirmative action department, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary decided to make a show out of hiring ethnic minorities in the name of diversity. There’s nothing that screams “excellence” like hiring someone because of the color of their skin. Right?

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS), which in many ways is the epicenter of the Social Justice movement in evangelicalism, took to their website to announce the credentials ethnicities of their latest hires. Welcome to the newer, more sensitive, politically correct Southern Baptist Convention. We used to scoff when someone said, “I can’t be racist, I have a black friend.” We probably shouldn’t cheer when an institution implicitly says, “We can’t be racist, we just hired a bunch of minorities,” before taking a photo of their melanin-rich faces and plastering it all over their website like signaling virtue up a flag pole.

The SBTS site says in the press release:

Southern Seminary president R. Albert Mohler Jr. today announced “the most diverse group of faculty ever to come to Southern Seminary at one time.” He introduced the five new faculty members for the 2018-2019 academic year as part of the opening convocation service for The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Boyce College. New faculty members include Curtis Woods, Lilly Park, Dominick Hernandez, Shane Parker and Amy Crider. Three of the new faculty members are minorities; two of the new hires, including Park, are women.

Instead of discussing their credentials, education, or moral character, the SBTS publicist thought it wise to begin with an estimation of their ethnicity and gender.

Mohler said:

I’m glad Southern Seminary is a healthy, growing institution that needs to add faculty, and that both Southern Seminary and Boyce College are the kinds of schools drawing this quality of faculty,” said Mohler immediately following the convocation service…The most diverse group of faculty ever to come to Southern Seminary at one time — that is a sign of the kingdom for which we are very grateful.

Listen, if you hire faculty, make friends, add church members, or make acquaintances and the first thing you tell people is the color of their might be the one with an unhealthy race issue.

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