Russell Moore ‘Likes’ Tweet Calling Social Justice Statement “Stupid”

It was Russell Moore’s hard push leftward that led – in part – to the Dallas Statement, also known as the Social Justice and the Gospel Statement. Moore, a former Democratic staffer who now works for George Soros’ Evangelical Immigration Table (Moore is also slated to speak at a Soros event in November) and has driven the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention to craft statements pushing animal rights, to assist in the construction of a New Jersey mosque, and adopt a softening tone on homosexuality. Moore’s MLK50 conference, which venerated the gay sex-trafficker and heretic, Martin Luther King, Jr., received widespread attention after textbook Cultural Marxism and Critical Race Theory were preached at the event. Along with the Together for the Gospel Conference that followed the MLK50 event and then the pro-gay Revoice Conference, Moore has been a primary player in the leftist political takeover of the New Calvinism movement.

Although Moore has been a part of the Southern Baptist Convention’s institutional blacklist and boycott the document, he has remained relatively silent, knowing that he has served as the primary change agent for the progressivism in the American evangelical church. Moore recently let his feelings toward Gospel clarity show, however, when he ‘liked’ a tweet calling the Dallas Statement “stupid.”

Tish Harrison Warren is an Anglican priest (of course, she is) whose social media account shows a penchant for, well…everything you would expect an Anglican lady-priest to be into. You know, teaching dolphins to read and spaying and neutering children, stuff like that.

The context of Warren’s tweet was in direct reference to the Dallas Statement, the document signed by John MacArthur and Voddie Baucham that seeks to bring clarity to the Gospel and differentiate it from the type of Gospel propagated by lady Anglican priests. Among the 403 people (at time of publication) that like the tweet is Russell Moore.

Whether or not an Anglican lady-priest counts as an “evangelical” is dubious, but Russell Moore’s affinity for “big evangelical statements” is well-known. He is a signer of both the Manhattan Declaration (which implicitly affirms Roman Catholics as fellow Christians) and the Nashville Statement (which does not characterize Same-Sex Attraction as sin), and signed them at the speed of light. Apparently, there are only some “big evangelical statements” that Russell Moore thinks are stupid…chiefly, the conservative and explicitly Protestant ones.

If the battle comes down to Russell Moore and an Anglican lady-priest versus Voddie Baucham and John MacArthur, I think we know which side is right. Clearly, the Evangelical Intelligentsia thinks they’re smarter than the rest of us.