Roman Catholics Blame Pedophile Scandal on Gay Conspiracy to Hurt Church

If you threw a rock into a crowd of Roman Catholic priests, you would hit a pedophile.

While vocational stereotypes aren’t foolproof – like that of postal workers becoming violent or lawyers being scumbags – there is no doubt that the propensity for pedophilia among Roman Catholic clergy is more than coincidentally high. In fact, the numbers of pedophiles among the Romanist Church are so high they exceed that which can be explained by a mere mathematical anomaly. While the Pope has argued that “only” 2% of Romanist priests are pedophiles, other studies demonstrate the number is between 5.6 and 7 percent. Those are only the ones we know about. Pedophilia rates among the general populace hover around the .5% mark, meaning that being a Roman Catholic priest makes one up to fourteen times more likely to be a child molester.

The history of pedophilia scandals in the Roman Catholic Church goes back centuries to the days when Pope John XII turned the Vatican into a swinging brothel, not just years or decades. In fact, pedophilia and the Romanist church have been tied together like peanut butter and jelly for many lifetimes. The current pedophilia scandal in the Roman church isn’t really new at all.

The first warning of the disproportionate number of pedophile priests in the 20th century came from American friar, Gerald Fitzgerald, in 1947. Fitzgerald started the Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete, which was basically a recovery program for priests suffering from low moral character. Fitzgerald first warned Pope Paul VI that there were a huge number of his priestly clientele that were child molesters. Then, he began to warn others. The problem wasn’t that no one listened to Fitzgerald because they didn’t believe it; the problem is that no one listened to Fitzgerald because they already knew it. The priesthood was and still is a collecting pool and breeding ground for all sorts of sexual perversion. In fact, Fitzgerald warned, “We are amazed to find how often a man who would be behind bars if he were not a priest is entrusted with [the priestly office].” In fact – and this is nuts – Fitzgerald, who at first resisted taking pedophile priests into his recovery program in 1948 and then relented due to the demand, finally suggested that for the sake of everyone, pedophile priests should be put on an island where they can live out their years in relative comfort, but away from children.

Since then, not a decade has gone by that the Vatican hasn’t had to acknowledge a systemic problem in their church with pedophiles and pledge to do something about it. Often, the problem of pedophilia was made worse by the church giving payouts to victims in exchange for non-disclosure agreements and thanks to their policy of moving – rather than removing – priests. Pedophilia scandals in the Romanist church have arisen in Australia, the United States, Belgium, Chile, Canada, Guam, Hondorus, Ireland, India, Italy,  Norway, Poland, and other countries.

In short, the Roman Catholic Church has had three-quarters of a century of warnings about the pedophile problem and the Vatican has made promises to protect the public from their pedophile priests for three-quarters of a century. And yet, Roman Catholics have blamed the recent pedophilia scandal on a secret conspiracy of gays to invade the church and molest children, with the intention of hurting the church’s reputation.

Yes. Yes, the problem must be a gay conspiracy.

While men who molest little boys could be called “gay,” Roman Catholic priests were molesting boys long before the LGBT revolution. The idea that somewhere in a smoke-filled backroom in a gay bar, a homosexual Illuminati decided to implant homosexuals in the priesthood in order to destroy the Romanist church, is patently insane. And yet, that’s what was recently argued by Friar Richard Heilman, who wrote an article claiming that “Predatory Gays” have infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church and conspired to create the pedophile scandal.

Friar Heilman made the claim in an August 9 homily at the Church of St. Raphael in Crystal, Minnesota. Heilman said:

In the last couple of weeks, we have heard some pretty unfortunate things. A cardinal of the Church who abused children and young men, and now in Pennsylvania the grand Jury report 301 priests violated more than a thousand children. And on top of that we have the episcopal cover-up, the word episcopal means bishops, so the cover-up by the bishops. And, it’s not just simply a cover-up, it’s an agenda.

Heilman continued:

So, these are people with an agenda. And what are the two groups? The two groups are: number one, a group of predatory homosexuals.

The other group that has conspired to hurt the Romanist church in this way, according to Heilman, are the Communists. He continued his theory:

So, what are we dealing with? We are dealing with a group of predatory homosexuals who became priests not to serve the Church but to destroy her from within.


The problem isn’t that the Roman Catholic is inherently spiritually bankrupt because it is the spirit of antichrist. The problem isn’t that the Roman Catholic policy mandating celibacy for priest has led to nothing but misplaced sexual orientations. Nah. The problem is a gay and communist conspiracy to invade the priesthood and frame the church.

You can read the article here.