VIDEO: Pat Robertson Binds Hurricane Florence, Puts Up Supernatural Storm Shield

Charismatics think they can control the weather. Gloria Copeland claims that her husband can rebuke tornados and control storms. Bethel Church of Redding and Kris Vallotton claimed to have had control over the Shasta County fire, up and until the fire consumed huge swaths of the county. Thinking themselves prophets much like Elijah, who was given forenotice of flood and drought in the Old Testament (1 Kings 17-18), today’s modern charismatics are repeatedly decreeing and declaring things to the wind and storm. Jesus controlled the weather in the New Testament (Mark 4, Luke 8), and so they argue that they can, too.

Jesus, of course, is God.

Nonetheless, this has not stopped notable charismatic prophet, Pat Robertson, from claiming he has installed a supernatural and Holy Spirit storm shield on the East Coast of the United States. For those who live in the impact zone of Hurricane Florence, have no fear. Pat Robertson has got it covered.

Robertson bound and rebuked the hurricane, telling his CBN audience that if Jesus could do it, so could we “if we are in one accord.” Robertson was speaking in the Virginia area, which serves as headquarters for CBN. It is unknown if Robertson is among those evacuating from the potential path of the storm, now that his decree to the wind has been issued.

Robertson claimed that his supernatural storm shield has worked against previous hurricanes. You can watch the video below.

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