Matt Chandler: Evangelicals Have “Lost Their Soul” in Supporting Trump

Matt Chandler is fully “woke.”

Not only has Chandler turned The Villiage Church into a Social Justice Center and partnered it with radical Islamic extremists, but he has joined the choir of anti-Trump voices who feel the need to apologize to the world for the way evangelicals typically vote.

For the record, I did not vote for Donald Trump because I felt (and still feel) he is a moral scumbag. Any attempt, and any attempt whatsoever, of the Paula White or Jerry Falwell Junior wing of evangelicalism to paint Trump as a born-again believer should be met with scorn and derision. I also felt at the time that Trump’s conservatism was about as deep as his Christianity.

However, also for the record, I was free to vote according to my conscience because I live in a state with three electoral votes and all things considered, it doesn’t matter. If I had lived in a swing state like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ohio or Florida my decision would have been much harder. And by the way, I didn’t vote for Hillary because Satan incarnate is still worse than Donald Trump (believe it or not).

My assertion, rather than defending Donald Trump’s moral character (which is indefensible), is that evangelical voters who made the tough decision to support the current POTUS have nothing to apologize for. They did nothing wrong. They made a tough decision in regards to what was – more or less – a binary choice to support one of two morally depraved individuals, one of whom with policies significantly less depraved than the other.

Chandler, on the other hand, has some tough words of criticism for Christians who dared color in the oval by Trump’s name on November 8, 2016. He met up with Vice Magazine at the SBC’s annual convention, who then followed him to his Texas church to find out more about the pastor. You can watch the video below.

Chandler paints evangelicals who voted for Trump as frightened simpletons who were scared into a frenzy by the media. He also insinuates that evangelicals who are more conservative are “like the world” and he and his social justice warriors on the religious left are more like Jesus and are “orthodox.” Likewise, Chandler claims that those who supported Trump did so because they “lost their soul.”

[Contributed by JD Hall]

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