ERLC Continues to Promote Horrible Bible Teachers, Leftists

The Ethics and Religous Liberty Commission needs two things. The first is a strong flashlight, and the other is a can of Raid.

Anyone who would still suggest that Russell Moore is theologically sound should take a long step back and look at what he’s done to the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention. Aside from Moore’s well-documented progressive-left politics and his insanely misguided Cultural Marxism event designed to venerate Martin Luther King, Moore has repeatedly used his SBC platform to promote some of the worst Bible teachers on the face of the planet.

The ERLC is hosting the Cross Shaped Family Conference, and speaking at the event is a wild-eyed charismatic prophetess and egalitarian, a homosexual, and a Marxist social justice warrior.

Jen Wilkin insists we need more women in leadership positions in the church and has been growing increasingly and militaristically egalitarian.

Eric Mason has been promoting Social Justice left and right, including the ugliest side of the movement that characterizes anyone not engaging in Critical Race Theory as inherently racist. In this tweet, he said that Social Justice is a natural outworking of the Gospel (that’s a funny thing to say about what is essentially Marxism).

Ray Ortlund is a major leader in the Rauschenbuschism movement (also known as the Social Gospel, which is altogether indistinguishable from what is now commonly called “Social Justice”). Ortlund, for example, claimed on Twitter that Moses renounced his “privilege” and that this is the same as “salvation” (source link). Ortlund teaches the concept of white guilt, systemic white privilege, advocates for reparations, promotes Affirmative Action, and specializes in victimology.

Beth Moore, well…Beth Moore. At this point there’s really no serious Bible teacher anywhere on the planet that considers her much more qualified than to teach 2nd grade Sunday School. She repeatedly insists that she hears God’s actual voice and receives visions and special messages from God, each of them more insane than the last.

Matt Chandler, once a dutiful and respectable Bible teacher, has surrendered his rights to that respect by turning the Villiage Church into a Social Justice center, working to assist radical Islamicists, promoting rampant and rabid charismaticism, and claiming to have himself once been anointed with God’s spirit by someone sneezing on him.

Sam Allberry is a gay priest (he claims to not be a practicing homosexual) who promoted the pro-LGBT Revoice Conference. Even Albert Mohler, whose toleration (and in some cases, promotion) of the Social Justice movement has allowed it to grow so exponentially, came out reluctantly against Revoice. Nonetheless, for Moore, a gay priest fits into his conference lineup nicely.

If you took a rock and threw it randomly at the ERLC’s Cross Shaped Family Conference, you’d hit a bad bible teacher in the head, merely by overwhelming odds.


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