Thabiti Anyabwile Says All Whites Are Complicit in Murdering Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ron Burns / Thabiti Anyabwile

Ron Burns changed his name to Thabiti Anyabwile to identify with the Black Nationalist Movement. When he converted from Christianity to Islam and then from Islam back to social-justice Christianity, Anyabwile continued to identify with the Black Nationalist Movement and kept his name. Today, Anyabwile – a protege of Mark Dever – is a favorite celebrity of the Social Justice primarily-political organization, The Gospel Coalition, and regularly posts content there. Anyabwile regularly impugned the police during the Ferguson riots, defended the violent criminal thug, Michael Brown, and engaged in race-baiting just as vile as anything committed by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or any of Anyabwile’s fellow Cultural Marxists. Anyabwile first endorsed Bernie Sanders (he claimed at the time he wouldn’t ever endorse a political candidate, and his words shouldn’t be taken as an endorsement), but then went on to explicitly endorse Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election, and allowed his Gospel Coalition blog to promote the Democrat politician as well. During the Gospel Coalition and ERLC joint “MLK50” white-guilt conference, Anyabwile still says the pandering and patronizing of affluent whites in venerating the non-Christian and immoral Dr. King is not good enough. Anyabwile wants you to know that white people – in general – are guilty of murdering Martin Luther King Jr. and is demanding an apology.

In today’s post at The Social Gospel Coalition, Anyabwile shows no appreciation to his white brothers at the Coalition for their pandering, graveling, self-loathing and white-blaming or their honoring of the sex-trafficking, whore-mongering, bi-sexual communist, King. No, Anyabwile is using the 50th anniversary of King’s death to demand a blanket apology from all white people for King’s death. And that apology, apparently, should be made to all black people.

In Anyabwile’s view, all black people are innocent of King’s substitionary death and are victims vicariously through him, and all white people are guilty of murdering him. As we have written many times, Thabiti Anyabwile is a stone-cold racist.

Anyabwile writes at The Social Gospel Coalition:

James Earl Ray initially confessed to assassinating Dr. King. But he did not act alone. Many have long believed there was a literal conspiracy of Government actors, the mafia, and Memphis police. Whether or not you believe Ray acted as a patsy for these conspirators, he did not act alone. He acted with the tacit and sometimes explicit approval of white supremacists. He acted with the encouragement of a white society dedicated to the advantage of whites above all others and simultaneously the segregation, oppression, and exploitation of black people. Ray acted with the assistance of whites who suppressed their consciences. He acted with the assistance of anti-Civil Rights propagandists and white-collar country club segregationists. He acted with the assistance of a FBI COINTELPRO campaign charged with discrediting, maligning, and silencing voices of Black dissent. These parties acted in concert, in the same direction, against Dr. King and by extension the millions of African Americans hoping for some larger piece of freedom’s promise.

I’m saying the entire society killed Dr. King. This society had been slowly killing him all along.

Shame on all of you white people. How dare you. You killed Dr. King. Or at least your parents and grandparents did, so Ron Burns would have us think.

Until and unless there is repentance of this animus and murderous hatred, the country will remain imprisoned to a seared conscience. Until this country and the Church learns to confess its particular sins particularly, we will not overcome the Adamic hostility that infects the human soul and distorts human potential…My white neighbors and Christian brethren can start by at least saying their parents and grandparents and this country are complicit in murdering a man who only preached love and justice.

Ron Burns, or Thabiti Anyabwile, argues that our parents and grandparents killed King, and their sin still lingers in us, and so we should apologize for killing King on their behalf.

Of course, Martin Luther King didn’t “only preach love and justice,” he also had sex with both men and women who were paid to commit fornication with him, cheated on his wife, and denied the Virgin Birth, the Deity of Christ and the Resurrection (none of which deserve getting assassinated, but I would argue that God’s justice being poured out now upon King is quite greater than what James Earl Ray did to him; in fact, the last painful moment of King’s life was probably the last, best moment he would ever experience from that split-moment onward). But, I suppose it’s racist to say such thing in Burns/Anyabwile’s worldview.

So then, in Anyabwile’s anti-Gospel article at the social justice blog, he refused to acknowledge or apply the concepts of Christ’s atoning death or the imputation of sin and righteousness. Instead, Anyabwile – in a perverted sense – imputed the sins of our fathers (which is an illogical jump and unfair, if not a flatly stupid, assumption about our fathers) to us, and demands that we give him, and other of our black brothers, an apology. Of course, we have given many such vicarious apologies that never should have been offered to begin with (because that’s not how apologies work). The Southern Baptist Convention is in a nearly annual cycle of making such apologies. It’s time for Ron Burns to demonstrate the Gospel by accepting the good (and unnecessary) gestures of contrition from his white brothers and let…it…go. That’s what Christ’s worthwhile atonement (as opposed to MLK’s worthless, pointless death) accomplishes; forgiveness.

Martin Luther King Jr. is not the Savior. Heck, he wasn’t even saved if theology matters (and it does). His murderer’s sin wasn’t imputed to the white world. His death didn’t atone for black sins. Not every white person is an assassin like Ray. Not every black person is a bi-sexual adulterer and heretic like King.

That’s not how any of this works.

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