Grace Community Church Venue CANCELED for Gospel Coalition Conference

A graphic from TGC website for its West Coast conference, which has yet to be updated with the change of venue.

Developing: Grace Community Church (GCC), home congregation of Pastor John MacArthur, has canceled the church property and facilities as a venue for the West Coast Gospel Coalition Conference.

John MacArthur and leadership at GCC have faced increasing criticism in recent days from many who are critical of the problematic theological trajectory of The Gospel Coalition. Phil Johnson, director of MacArthur’s Grace to You Ministry, announced via his social media platforms prior to Resurrection weekend that the elders at GCC were united in their concern about the conference plans, as promoted by The Gospel Coalition (TGC) website.

Sources have reported certain concerns regarding TGC conference speakers not personally approved by Dr. MacArthur or GCC leadership, and certain doctrinal or worldview differences between the two organizations. These concerns do not include Kevin DeYoung or Alistair Begg, who were the two primary conference speakers other than Dr. MacArthur himself.

Phil Johnson announced that GCC would not be allowing TGC to use its facility for their West Coast Conference approximately an hour ago, via Twitter. Johnson also claims, in the social media thread, that a more thorough statement will be forthcoming.

Sources also reveal that GCC leadership was concerned almost as soon as the public pronouncement of the conference by TGC was made, long before any criticism of GCC was made public. As Johnson said in his pre-Easter tweet, patience was requested over Resurrection weekend to allow communication between the church and TGC and to settle the matter in an amicable way.

We are pleased that Grace Community Church and the always-admirable Dr. John MacArthur will not be taking part in the Gospel Coalition’s West Coast Conference.