Is Jim Wallis Leading the Way for Evangelicals?

“Racial reconciliation will be an act of repentance and resistance in the Trump era.” – Jim Wallis

The latest example of the misguided ideological pursuits of the PCA {Presbyterian Church of America) was recently revealed with the release of a fairly in-depth report on racial reconciliation. The biblical justification for such pursuits is flimsy to say the least, but that didn’t prevent the PCA from identifying and promoting the idea of racial reconciliation as a point of evangelical emphasis, outreach and proclamation.

Social justice advocate and political leftist, Jim Wallis has publicly called for battle lines to be drawn as he deems the church fertile ground for the war on racism. In his radical mind, the time is ripe for a ‘racial reconciliation.’

A new law founded on the gospel of white privilege and racial reconciliation is being handed down by this premier theologian of liberation. He has not changed; in fact, Wallis continues to double down. Are we so deceived that we’d be willing to surrender the higher ground?

Jim Wallis is essentially re-prioritizing the mission and priorities of not only the church but society at large. A Marxist political agenda surely lies right underneath the surface of this type of rhetoric and denominations like the PCA are swiftly buying in.

Dressed in black, like a Marxist Johnny Cash, Wallis’ heartfelt laments reveal a darker plan – a call for political action and a greater weakening of the true mission of our Creator and His Church. God is no respecter of persons. We are all equally depraved despite our earthly status. But Wallis has his own agenda and the mission to which he’s been called is ultimately sent from below. He and those of his ilk have developed their own hierarchy of sin. The widespread recognition and acceptance of their hierarchy is the ultimate goal because whoever establishes the ethical hierarchy will eventually control the cultural landscape.

Hear the word according to crazy reverend Jim. There’s no disguising his true intentions:

“In our homes and in our churches, we must answer the question: “What should white Christians and white churches do in the Trump era?” Repent of the sin of racism. ..our practices and policies of racism.

The only answer to the racial divide among Christians — evangelicals in particular — is to go much deeper into what racial equity and healing will require. …studying racism in congregation after congregation, and especially between congregations across racial lines, could be a fundamental building block for genuine racial reconciliation in America.”

They can have the world but our faith is sacred. The glory of God is our agenda and the sharing and preservation of God’s holy standard is our mission. Men and women of every race, color and creed are called and encouraged to forsake the depraved, sin-laden identity which cuts to our very core; may no man be deceived. Carnal crusades cannot save nor sustain us.

This is not about Trump. He is merely a distraction. A culture void of Godly candidates will not thwart God’s plan. The folks casting the largest stones are they who proceed to cast off men of honor and integrity from the public square. Is it they in whom we will trust to set the future course of the church?

We must own our own personal sin and shame and not enable the haters of the Gospel to do it for us. We are called to love our black brethren, not because Jim Wallis or George Soros is shaming us to do so, but because we love our Lord and Savior and HE calls us to! It is His Word and His Word alone that should continue to speak to us.

[Editor’s Note: Contributed by A. Castellitto]

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