Look at the “Black Feminist” CRT Garbage Sold at Southeastern Seminary

Earlier today, we covered a story about the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary selling a book by a ridiculously ‘woke’ lesbian feminist. And now, we have photos of a book written by a “black feminist” and Critical Race Theorist being peddled to students at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

A concerned SEBTS student took this photo of the SEBTS sales rack.

The book in the middle is Womanist Sass and Talk Back, written by Mitzi J. Smith. The book is a Social Justice and Critical Race Theory trope that stands against the conservative and traditional values of Southern Baptists. And yet, it’s being pushed upon SEBTS students.

The book’s Amazon description says…

Womanist Sass and Talk Back is a contextual resistance text for readers interested in social (in)justice. Smith raises our consciousness about pressing contemporary social (in)justice issues that impact communities of color and the larger society. Systemic or structural oppression and injustices, police profiling and brutality, oppressive pedagogy, and gendered violence are placed in dialogue with sacred (con)texts. This book provides fresh intersectional readings of sacred (con)texts that are accessible to both scholars and nonscholars. Womanist Sass and Talk Back is for readers interested in critical interpretations of sacred (con)texts (ancient and contemporary) and in propagating the justice and love of God while engaging those (con)texts [emphasis ours].

Smith is also the author of the deeply troubling book, I Found God in Me: A Womanist Biblical Hermeneutics Reader.

The book to its left, entitled, African Hermeneutics, was written by Elizabeth Mburu. Mburu is the first woman to earn a PhD from SEBTS and is a contributor to the African Study Bible. The African Study Bible contains an endorsement from Conrad Mbewe.

Womanist Sass and Talkback, however, is a book of militant feminism and radical Critical Race Theory. Mitzi Smith fancies herself a pastor and preacher and is a professor at the progressive Ashland Theological Seminary in Detroit. She has served as clergy in the progressive African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church and the progressive PCUSA.

Linked from her personal website, Smith writes…

Womanism and/or black feminism (some women prefer the latter self-designation, although they are not synonymous) has always concerned itself with intersectionality or with the destruction of interconnected forms of oppression that impact black women’s lives (and other women of color) and their communities. Black women experience multiple forms of oppression, simultaneously. Such oppressions include racism, sexism, and classism….”

She continues…

“Social justice for black women and their communities continues to be a struggle against interlocking forms of oppression. Because of the interrelated impact of race, gender, and class on “black, brown, and yellow” lives and especially on the lives of women and children of color, women of color who ignore race, gender, or class issues do so to the detriment of the larger community. If a black male focuses on race while ignoring or participating in gender bias against black women, he is exercising his male privilege. If white women demand gender parity without regard for the impact of racial bias on black women, they exercise their privileged position as white women. When elite women of color focus on racial and gender bias without regard for the impact of classism on poor women, men, and children of any race, they are exercising class privilege…”

Now, who wants to say that Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary isn’t pushing a radical leftist agenda upon our students and young people?

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