Homosexuals Vandalize Chick-fil-A During 'Gay Pride' March

Homosexuals Vandalize Chick-fil-A During ‘Gay Pride’ March

So a mob of gay chickens attacks an actual chicken joint that’s best known for being nice to people.

Puk puk pukaaak.

A band of sodomites marching under rainbow banners in Manhattan during their “pride parade” took the time to vandalize a Chick fil-A restaurant, staffed mostly by scared teenage kids who are notorious for being kind to their customers. The same day as the vandalism, a Chick Fil A manager heroically lept through a drive-through window to help a choking child.

However, the leather-clad homosexuals marching in Manhattan didn’t care about Chick Fil A’s niceness, their caring for employees and respectful treatment of customers. All they cared about is that Chick fil A’s owner, Dan Cathy, is a conservative Christian who holds to a traditional view on marriage. And so, the not-so-merry band of men committed property crimes against the eating establishment.

Pink tape was put across the doors of the restaurant reading, “F)#* Haters.”

More explicit photos were released by the Daily Caller. A poster with the word, “Love is a terrible thing to waste” was propped against the restaurant wall.

Scribbling the f-word on the window of the restaurant probably didn’t feel very loving.

Listen, flaunting homosexuality in the streets is one thing. But we have to draw the line at messing with our fried chicken.

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