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ERLC Removes Public List of Research Fellows After Pulpit & Pen Article Comes Out

Pulpit & Pen recently wrote an article about Russell Moore’s weaponization of ERLC “research fellows” to attack his enemies, after three of his colleagues went on a tirade against Liberty University president, Jerry Falwell, Jr. Shortly after that article was published, the ERLC removed this list of research fellows from its website.

The story was a simple one. Russell Moore wanted to attack a critic, but the smarmy politico likes to keep his hands clean. So instead, he sent out Thomas Kidd – one of his regular henchmen – to take a hatchet to Falwell. Other “research fellows” – per usual – jumped onto the dogpile, while Moore remained pristine and clear of the conflict.

As we reported at the time, the ERLC research fellows don’t actually research anything. They’re just a posse’ – a Latte Mafia, if you will – that runs with Dr. Russell Moore and uses their social media influence to bully and attack his critics, and keep the plebes in line.

Now, as you can see by clicking on this link, the ERLC has made its list of “research fellows” private. Or, you can click the link from Google which previously took you to the ERLC research fellows page, and see that it now takes you to the ERLC’s main site. The research fellows are no longer listed.

The Southern Baptist Deep State would rather you not know how they work or who works for whom. Why aren’t Southern Baptists entitled to know who is and who is not part of Russell Moore’s “research fellows” posse? What do they have to hide? Why delist them from the website suddenly?

Hopefully, the ERLC is removing their “research fellow” honorary positions altogether. It does little more than provide people a resume incentive and honorary title to attack people on behalf of Russell Moore.