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Mohler/SBTS Book Store Selling Gay-Affirming Feminist Author

News Division

Albert Mohler tweeted out a photo of his “favorite section of the new bookstore at Southern Seminary.” Aside from the book rack being a buffet of woke theology, one book in particular caught the attention of more conservative-minded Christians. It’s a book by a gay-affirming feminist.

If you notice the book in the far right top corner of the photo, you’ll see this.

Again, from the top right corner you’ll see this book.

Here’s a few things you need to know about this wildly progressive, hopelessly woke, gay-affirming feminist, Rebecca McLaughlin.

McLaughlin wrote an article for The Gospel Coalition, saying that God was “raising up homosexuals to lead us.” Pulpit & Pen warned you about the article and its author, here.

McLaughlin also wrote an article for The Gospel Coalition, extrapolating “Gospel themes” from the x-rated franchise, 50 Shades of Grey. That’s right. She found “gospel themes” in porn, and wanted the world to know about it.

But perhaps it was this article at Christian Intellectual that best critiqued McLaughlin. The post from April explains the woman’s deep problems, referring back to a talk at a TGC conference in which she opened by referring to conservative evangelical faith as…

“A white-centered religion with a Bible that condones slavery and a history of racism; a homophobic religion that denigrates women, and a refusal to acknowledge that love is love.”

Well, actually McLaughlin began by a dramatic reading of Harry Potter (I kid you not) and then got to the part about conservative evangelicalism being full of racists, homophobes, and misogynists.

McLaughlin then goes on to attack “white western men” as the ones promoting atheism, and claiming that the only hope of Christianity is in the ‘browning of evangelicalism.’

She’s a feminist. Hear her roar.

She also sticks up for who she calls, “sexual minorities.” The article cites McLaughlin’s speech…

“People say that the Bible condemns same-sex relationships. I beg to differ. The Bible commands same-sex relationships at a level of intimacy we as Christians seldom reach.”

Gross. No thanks.

But McLaughlin herself is a non-practicing lesbian, who’s yet to be freed by the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. Again, the article quotes McLaughlin…

“I’ve been romantically attracted to women since childhood, and if I were not a Christian I’d likely be married to a woman not a man.”

The article states, “This testimony has not a hint to sin, repentance, forgiveness or even an ongoing struggle. It is simply a nod to identity. ”

McLaughlin is one of the many subversive leftist Christians who choose to identify as “Same-Sex Attracted” and are slowly, surely, and subversively changing the way young evangelicals think about queerness, as though it’s a harmless identity so long as it’s not putting on a pride parade and there’s a vague sense of humility about it.

McLaughlin, on top of being a subversive homosexual, is a feminist as well, repeatedly endorsing female preachers, advocating the feminist holiday, International Women’s Day, and aspiring to help train men to preach.

McLaughlin is a homosexual, a gay-affirming feminist, a Critical Race Theorist, and a subversive theologian whose theology matches that of a United Methodist lady preacher in a rainbow-colored tunic.

And yet, here’s her book…on Albert Moher’s “favorite section” at the SBTS bookstore.

We’ll remind you of Albert Mohler’s words during the 2019 Shepherd’s Conference Q&A, “Who I platform speaks for where I stand.”