White People Want to Adopt Minority Children Because They’re Racist, Says Southeastern Seminary

One Southern Baptist seminary is arguing that white people adopt minority children out of racist motivations.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is as culturally liberal as any American Baptist or Cooperative Baptist Fellowship church or institution. Danny Akin, who has never been a strong doctrinal leader, might be the definition of a useful idot, which we first saw when the seminary president was duped into do a televised advertisement for a pro-gay atheist organization. It seems that Cultural Marxists have targeted the institution for infiltration and have turned it into a Social Justice headquarters, abandoning the Gospel for political theories.

SEBTS has a “Kingdom Diversity” department which heavily promotes James Cone, the founder of Black Liberation Theology. They have hosted Malcolm X “read-ins,” venerating the violent racist activist. Akin has warned professors that if they are not ‘woke’ they’ll be fired or subjected to diversity training. Akin, arguably the most simple-minded of Southern Baptist seminary presidents, seems blissfully unaware of what kind of ideology his seminary is promoting, as revealed in texts with me last week.

Now, the SEBTS Kingdom Diversity Department has suggested at a conference that white people often want to adopt minority-ethnic children because they’re racist. This was written about in a post SETBS Conference Addresses Realities of Adopting Across Cultural Lines.

Walter Strickland

Walter Strickland, associate vice president for diversity at SEBTS (that’s a real title) said…

We are all called to rear our children with the full recognition of the brokenness in this world and introduce the restorative power of Jesus Christ into that particular brokenness,” said Strickland.”

Strickland then went on to attack Martin Luther King’s notion of color-blindness and promoted Critical Race Theory which seeks not racial reconciliation, but racial division.

“Because we live in a Genesis 3 world, ethnicity creates conversations that we have to have for our children to flourish in their identity that God has given them,” Strickland said.

Being raised by white parents might steal from that child’s “identity” and should be generally discouraged, argued Strickland.

It seems lost on Strickland that for Christians, our identity isn’t in our ethnicity and for Christians, the identity given us by God is that which is found in Christ.

Matthew Mullins

Matthew Mullins, an assistant professor of English and HIstory of ideas at SEBTS then spoke on the motivation that white people often have for adopting minority children, which include, “guilt, color-blindness, and having a savior complex (source link).

How dare white parents want to adopt minority-ethnic children.

How dare white parents want to gift minority children with a family.

How dare white parents want to ‘save’ minority-ethnic children from a lifetime of poverty, abuse, or neglect.

Currently, there are 140 million orphans in the world, and 52 million of those orphans are in Africa. This number makes up roughly 30 percent of the entire population of orphans worldwide, and the predominant number of African orphans (obviously) are black. In the United States, there are 400,000 orphans with 100,000 still awaiting “forever families.” Of orphans in the United States, 23 percent are black (source link).

Is discouraging adoption good for the black community or bad? Are we moving forward or backward? Is ‘wokeness’ at SEBTS advancing racial reconciliation or thwarting it?

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