First ‘Non-Binary’ Person Recognized by U.S. Government Goes Back to Being Male

James Shupe briefly thought he was either sex, or neither. He now knows he’s a man. Here, he’s pictured with his wife, Sandy Shupe, who have been married for 29 years. Sandy should have cleared up with James that he was a man (surely after 29 years she figured this out).

Well technically, he didn’t go back to being male. He always was male. But James Shupe – who decided to go by the name Jamie – was the first person in the United States to get the government to recognize him as “non-binary,” meaning “not one or the other.” Now, James wants to go back to being recognized only as male. You know…because he’s a male.

Sadly, Shupe was able to convince the government to go back and fraudulently reflect his unscientific ‘non-binary’ status on his legal and medical records. Now, Shupe is having to fight to get his records put aright again.

Shupe was a U.S. Army sergeant who became a vocal critic against the military and government who refused to recognize his gender fluidity. The psychologically unstable now has now been given by providence a moment of mental clarity, and he recognizes that having male genitalia makes him a man and regrets demanding the government to go along with his delusion.

Strangely enough, Shupe argues that he “reclaimed his birth sex” in February, as though he had ever lost it. He writes about it on his blog, here.

In a post entitled, Please Address Me as James Shupe Now, he links his Twitter feed and states simply that he’s restoring his ‘male birth name.’

Also interestingly, he blames a male relative of molesting him as a child, a common theme among those who are gender-confused. Early traumatic sexual childhood experiences are almost universal among those with gender identity confusion, according to many clinical studies.

Shupe was the first person listed as ‘non-binary” on a government document, as the Federal Government changed his birth certificate from “male” to “unknown,” as a part of an effort to accomdate trans-confused individuals. Shupe now recognizes the gender God gave him, and we’ll have to see if the government again bends documents designed to portray objective facts because of his new request.