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Russell Moore says people against illegal immigration will become pro-choice.

In a not surprising tweet yesterday on Twitter, Dr. Russell Moore of the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission makes an outlandish claim, insinuating that if you are against illegal immigration, then ultimately, you will sell out to the pro-choice abortion camp.

Moore has been a champion of amnesty for quite some time. At one point, he referred to Jesus as an illegal immigrant. In another article that Moore wrote, he says:

I’m amazed when I hear evangelical Christians speak of undocumented immigrants in this country with disdain as “those people” who are “draining our health care and welfare resources.” It’s horrifying to hear those identified with the gospel speak, whatever their position on the issues, with mean-spirited disdain for the immigrants themselves.

Russell Moore doesn’t seem to have any regard for the law of the land, that has been established, and ordained by God. Speaking ill of people who are against illegal immigration, and promoting amnesty for those has nothing to do with the Gospel. In fact, those who have been changed by the Gospel would expect law and order in a civilized country.

So once again, Russell Moore is using his persuasive position of leadership to discredit, defame, and vilify people who don’t stand for what he stands for by making an absurd, illogical comparison between those who respect the law, and those who are pro-murder.