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Russell Moore Changes Definition of “Pro-Life,” Says It’s About Immigration, Human Trafficking

Russell Moore has been not-so-slowly and not-so quietly turning the wheel of the Southern Baptist Convention a hard-left on social issues. He claims that animal rights are a spiritual issue. Russell Moore claims that protecting illegal immigrants from prosecution or extradition is a Gospel issue. Russell Moore claims that environmentalism “creation care” is a Gospel issue.  Russell Moore says that “racial justice” is a Gospel issue. In fact, it’s hard to find a single political issue that Russell Moore hasn’t taken the left-of-center position on, making it into a Gospel – or at least a Biblical – issue. Moore has refused to take a stance on the Biblical right to self-defense. Moore works for George Soros’ Evangelical Immigration Table and uses the ERLC twitter account to tweet out George Soros propaganda. Moore isn’t even shy of using the term “social justice” in talking about the goal of the ERLC. All the while Southern Baptists have largely celebrated the hard-left turns or, at best, been silent.

On two issues, generally speaking, Southern Baptists have been stalwart. The first is the issue of homosexuality, and Moore has “softened his tone” on this issue as well and he’s helping to normalize the “homosexual desires aren’t sinful” agenda of progressive Christians. The other issue is abortion, but Russell Moore has chosen to use Sanctity of Life weekend to redefine “Pro-Life” and make the sanctity of life about…big surprise…immigration.

According to CBN, Russell Moore is “casting a new vision” for what it means to be pro-life.

In his keynote address to the 2018 gathering of Evangelicals for Life, Southern Baptist spokesman Russell Moore made the case that caring for the “invisible” includes refugees, the elderly, orphans and trafficked women and children.

“Caring for women in crisis is worth it, caring for the orphans, the elderly….is worth it,” he admonished. “In all these cases it’s difficult. You have to sacrifice your life.”

Moore told CBN News that many at the grassroots level have been practicing this holistic pro-life approach for years. But he and other leaders are well aware that pro-life opponents routinely attack the movement for a perceived narrow focus that’s inconsistent with the view that all lives are made in the image of God.

Moore thinks the Pro-Life movement needs to be “more holistic” because its focus has been too “narrow.” So then, Moore plans to lay down the battle on murder in the womb (as he has surrendered the cultural battle on gay marriage) and be more “holistic.”
It’s here I have to ask, “What kind of hippy garbage is this?” How about this. How about we stop ripping babies limb from limb and suck their brains out of vacuums from with the womb and then we talk about why chain-migration is somehow a human right? Mercy.
It’s almost like Russell Moore is being paid by George Soros or someth…oh. Wait. He is.

[Contributed by JD Hall…oh, and just for the extra facepalm, he was really excited about having theoerotic “making love with God” Anne Voskamp at his recent event. I’d show you his tweet, but you know, I’m blocked and everything. So, gross.]