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Catholic Deacon Wears Dog Mask During Eucharist in Support of NFL Team

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end, Chris Long, wore a dog mask after a game with a win over the Atlanta Falcons. Offensive tackle, Lane Jonson, joined him. Their publicity stunt was meant to stir up Philadelphia fans and present themselves as the “underdogs,” in spite of the fact they’re the number one seed and by many accounts are the best team in the NFL.

To show support for his favorite football team, a deacon at St. Rose of Lima Eddystone put on his doggy mask during his role in observing the Eucharist. In the Romanist faith, deacons assist the priest and stays by his side, handle the “chalice,” and assists in distributing the Communion elements (source link). While serving in the ‘church,’ the Deacon is instructed by official church directives to “exercise his ministry wearing sacred vestments (source link).”

Apparently, part of the deacon’s “sacred vestments” includes a dog mask.

The deacon’s name is Anthony Dilenno, and his daughter posted the photo on Facebook:

Dilenno wasn’t the only church officiant to blaspheme God in the name of team pride. Sermons around the country focused on football as much as Jesus.

Eugene Wilson, of the St. Charles Borrommeo Roman Catholic Church wore an Eagles scarf around his neck and preached a sermon on Jesus Was an Underdog. Speaking of various Biblical figures, Wilson preached, “They were all underdogs. In the end they all won…Our Eagles are also underdogs.” He added, “It all ties together” (sure it does).

A Roman Catholic parishioner kneeling at a cathedral in Philadelphia, praying for the Eagles. Photo: The Guardian


[Editor’s Note: HT Lepanto Institute, Fox 29, The Guardian]