Southern Baptists Cry Foul About DACA, Immigration Laws

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission has become the shallow remnants of what it once was. Now with a former Democrat staffer at the helm, the ERLC has been busy promoting animal rights, racial disharmony, Cultural Marxism, and has followed other liberal mainstream denominations in fighting against immigration law.

George Soros, who funds the Evangelical Immigration Table, an organization of liberal Christians fighting border security, on which serves Russell Moore

Russell Moore – who serves on the Evangelical Immigration Table funded by George Soros and called a border wall a “golden calf” – has begun a document petition at the ERLC, requesting that DACA be reinstated. Moore, who implied that Southern Baptists disagree with President’s Trump’s temporary terrorist-nation immigration ban, is busy fighting for his progressive-liberal agenda with the full faith and 4 million-a-year backing of the Southern Baptist Convention.

DACA stands for “Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals” and refers to President Obama’s decision in 2012 to not enforce standing immigration law for those called “Dreamers,” illegal aliens between the age of 18 and 35 who have been in the United States more than five years and who were brought here illegally as minors. DACA was not legislation, but “procedural law” of Obama’s executive branch that essentially said it would use prosecutorial discretion to simply not enforce immigration law. This presented a Constitutional crisis, because even though law enforcement can exercise discretion in deciding which individual cases to prosecute, they typically have not essentially nullified legislation by applying that discretion to entire classes or demographics of people. The Trump Administration’s Department of Homeland Security rescinded Obama’s DACA in September of this year on the grounds that it was an unconstitutional power-grab by the executive branch of government.

Ironically, as President Trump’s DHS rescinded DACA, he said that he hoped congress would legally pass such an exemption through the legislature. Virtually everyone – on both sides of the political aisle – have said that they want to work out something similar to DACA through the proper legislative (and constitutional) channels.

However, the social justice warriors at the ERLC and among the Evangelical Intelligentsia want to bleed their heart all over the blogosphere and signal their progressive virtue. The document says…

Biblically understood, a just system of law always has in view human flourishing. We advocate for change to particular laws when needed because of our respect for the rule of law. Many of us have participated in our nation’s debate over immigration policy reform for well over a decade, and these conversations within our churches about the national immigration crisis have produced significant consensus among members of our churches and communities.

“Human flourishing.” That’s the catch-all word used by the Jim Wallis-wing of leftist Christianity. The document goes on to say, “We believe Dreamers deserve to be recognized as our fellow Americans” and calls on Congress to grant amnesty and a path of permanent Citizenship.

Signing the document include virtually all the names one would expect to see from the inner-club of Intelligentsia, including DA Carson, Matt Chandler, David Dockery, JD Greear, and newly minted Southern Baptist, Greg Laurie. Other names include Rosaria Butterfield, whose most notable accomplishment is having once been gay, and Karen Swallow Prior, a feminist and animal rights activist. Also signing is NAR charismatic, Samuel Rodriguez.

If you’re a Southern Baptist, do you agree with how your money is being spent and with the trajectory of the ERLC?

You can download the PDF here.

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