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Karen Swallow Prior Plays the Victim

Professor Karen Swallow Prior (formerly of Liberty University and now of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) has spent the last several years of her career earning the disdain of conservative Christians everywhere. Prior, while employed as an English teacher at Christian colleges, has made a second career of offending biblical sensibilities. Pulpit & Pen has written … Read more

Karen Swallow Prior Edits Book Platforming Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay Views

Pro-Abortion writer asserts, ‘The Bible doesn’t tell us whether abortion, prenatal diagnosis, IVF or PGD are right or wrong.’ Advances rhetoric of ‘listening and support’ over condemnation of sin. [Capstone Report] Does the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) Research Fellow program still exist? Or, have the crazy antics of its Fellows forced … Read more

Karen Swallow Prior, ERLC “Research Fellow” Thrilled Her Book Supported by Vatican

Some people take theology seriously. Some people think the doctrine of Justification is important. And then there’s Karen Swallow Prior and her woefully undiscerning sycophants at the Southern Baptist pastors’ blog, SBC Voices. They, apparently, think Protestantism is mock-worthy. Karen Swallow Prior tweeted out earlier today a happy celebratory update about her book, On Reading … Read more

Karen Swallow Prior Attacks BACON!

Karen Swallow Prior, a gay-affirming feminist who works as a research fellow for the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), has now turned her sights on the evils of…bacon. Now, it’s serious. Prior, has frequented gay film festivals, was chosen by animal rights activists to infiltrate evangelicalism since at least 2007, has joined with feminists to bash complementarianism, has … Read more

Karen Swallow Prior Glib About Dining with Planned Parenthood

There is really no God-hater with whom Karen Swallow Prior would not join herself in fellowship. Some more charitable souls than myself view Prior as just a simple-minded woman who, like an evangelical and female J. Quincy Magoo, has somehow found herself in the upper echelons of the Evangelical Intelligentsia, irrespective of her woeful lack of self-awareness … Read more

Karen Swallow Prior Promotes Illegal Immigration

Karen Swallow Prior is a radical animal rights activist who believes animals go to Heaven because naming them gives them personhood, says she’s more upset over animal abuse than abortion, says abortion isn’t murder and calling it such is unchristlike, promoted erotic gay literature, and has attended gay fundraisers and uses gay-affirming language. She calls … Read more

Karen Swallow Prior Is Wrong – The List

When we first started reporting on Karen Swallow Prior’s ungodly capitulation to the abortion industry in our very first post on her, in which she stated she desired to drop labels like “pro-choice” and “pro-life” in favor of seeking “common ground” with abortionists, Pulpit and Pen received quite a bit of backlash. We even lost … Read more

Karen Swallow Prior’s Awkward “Dialogue” at Gay Film Fest

…it sounded like an uncomfortable attempt by an eighth grade girl trying to explain her parents’ views, of which she isn’t fully convinced herself. It, frankly, reminded me of the same uncomfortable squirming one sees when Osteen addresses the topic of hell. It was painful to watch. Never using the word sin, addressing the topic of repentance … Read more

Karen Swallow Prior and an Animal Rights Trojan Horse in the ERLC

See the guy engaged in “heavy petting,” tender caressing and kissing the cow he “saved” from slaughter? This video was recently posted by the Humane Society of the United States as a part of their “Farm Animal Protection Campaign,” the same Humane Society which employs a “faith advisory council” upon which ERLC Research Fellow Karen … Read more

Karen Swallow Prior is NOT a Feminist. JK – She Totally Is.

I have junk to do, or else I would respond via text form to the defenses given yesterday for Karen Swallow Prior on an obscure wordpress blog  – and most laughably – to the defense that she’s not an evangelical feminist. That’s kinda hard to say with a straight face, considering she started a chapter of a feminist organization, … Read more

Karen Swallow Prior: Research Fellow at ERLC

“I wish we had 1,000 more Karen Swallow Priors in evangelicalism today. She models convictional kindness. She doesn’t give any ground, but she also doesn’t see people who disagree with her as her enemy.” – Russell Moore (link) Russell Moore thinks we need 1,000 more Karen Swallow Priors in evangelicalism today. He must think so, … Read more

Karen Swallow Prior Promotes Gay Black Lives Matter Activists

“Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?” (2 Corinthians 6:14, ESV) ERLC Research Fellow and Liberty University professor Karen Swallow-Prior has repeatedly shown a disregard for biblical holiness in her associations. Whether it is attending a “gay Christian” film festival, partnering with unbelievers … Read more

Danny Akin Calls Karen Swallow Prior Critics “Liars” For Quoting Her *Exact* Words

Danny Akin is feeling the heat for hiring Karen Swallow Prior, a gay-affirming self-avowed feminist who believes that calling abortion murder is “unchristlike.” Defending himself during a Q&A at FBC Henderson – which by necessity required defending Karen Swallow Prior’s atrocious words, Akin called Prior’s critics “liars.” Quoted by the sunshine-pumping public relations department at … Read more