Pastor Endorsed By Karen Swallow Prior Hosts ‘Transgender’ Celebration

Only a week or so ago, Julie Roys had Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Professor, Karen Swallow Prior, on her program for the purpose of defending her from accusations of liberalism and to attack discernment blogs.

In a giant case-in-point, Prior took a break from defending herself from accusations of liberalism to endorse – again – the founders of the pro-LGBTQ “Revoice Conference.”

That was the second time the professor endorsed Revoice after its abominations went on full display, despite SEBTS President Danny Akin claiming she had repudiated that gay parade. Prior said on Roys’ program…

“I am friends with the main organizer and a couple of the other organizers. They are fellow Southern Baptists who believe in a traditional biblical sexual ethic.”

Pastor Greg Johnson is the chief architect of the Revoice Conference. And his church just hosted an event to “celebrate transgender, agender, non-binary, genderqueer, and genderfluid artists.”

Johnson’s church spoke out about criticism regarding the church lending its facilities to host the event and claimed that it was an evangelism attempt to reach “artists” (that’s one word for them, we guess).

The church claimed they do “not believe in transitioning to a different gender. However, we want to affirm the human dignity of people with gender dysphoria.”

Apparently it takes lending facilities designed for worship to an LGBTQ Pride party to affirm human dignity.