Julie Roys Invites on Abortionist-Defending and Gay-Affirming Feminist to Attack Discerning Christians

Julie Roys was once a journalist who at least postured toward the middle of the progressive-conservative divide. However, after dutifully reporting on problems with James MacDonald, Harvest Bible Church, and Moody Bible Institute, Roys’ attention turned to themes popular among the #ChurchToo intersectional coalition of feminists, minorities, and professional victims. Now crusading for female clergy, Roys has found a friend in who is likely the most liberal professor in Southern Baptist history, Karen Swallow Prior.

Of course, the reason why Roys just had Karen Swallow Prior on her radio show was to bolster Prior’s credentials as a supposed conservative and to attack discerning Christians for holding her words up to the light of inspection.

For the record, Prior said in Christianity Today that abortion is not murder and defended abortionists, saying that calling them murderers is unchristlike.

And she said that dogfighting makes her more upset than abortion.

And Prior endorsed the pro-gay ‘Revoice Conference’ both before and after the event.

And she endorsed this LGBTQ childhood indoctrination campaign.

And Prior calls herself a feminist, although she uses the term “Christian feminist” (whatever that is).

Prior, who says she’s “pro-life,” just wrote a piece in Christianity Today begging Christians to not vote pro-life in 2020 because Trump isn’t loving enough.

But, Julie Roys and Karen Swallow Prior just spent 51-minutes back-slapping each other’s conservative credentials and cackling like laying-hens about discerning Christians who dare to…you know…point out the facts regarding their actual words and positions.

Damn us to hell, I guess.

The two, Roys and Prior, got together on a Facebook thread in which Roys announced that she would have “SBC insider” (also the most fringe leftist in the Southern Baptist Convention), Wade Burleson, on her program to discuss why women should be pastors and why conservatives are big meanies. I pointed out in the thread that calling Burleson an “SBC insider” had implications for Roy’s journalistic integrity because it simply wasn’t true. Prior jumped on the thread to defend Burleson as a great conservative. Then, Roys jumped on to defend Prior as a great conservative.

Keep in mind that none of these people, if the term “conservative” has any meaning whatsoever, are a conservative.

Watching what took place in that Facebook thread really was incredible. Here are three profoundly liberal people having a liberal orgy on the floor of Facebook, and then promptly wiping themselves off to go do a podcast about how conservative they really are.


Roys, who’s on a feminist warpath to demand churches give women the pulpit or face accusations of “misogyny” and “abuse” insisted she was not a feminist and derided discernment blogs (she adds “scare quotes” when she writes the term and adds the words so-called when she says it out loud) for calling her a feminist.

Personally, my favorite part of the liberal elitist gal-pals’ conversation was Karen Swallow Prior – who literally calls herself a feminist – laughing like a cackling sorceress on a midnight broom-ride at my assertion that advocating for female clergy is feminism.

It’s like watching the Revoice sodomites laugh to themselves about someone calling them effeminate (I can picture them tossing up their head and giggling like girls at a slumber party right now).

The part at the 33-minute-mark in which Karen Swallow Prior still endorsed Revoice and claimed the founders have a “biblical sexual ethic” was particularly priceless. She went on to say that she “still supports Revoice” (I’ll do another post on this in particular).

I appreciate Roys going through a tiny portion of the evidence we’ve presented regarding Karen Swallow Prior, even if it was just for the purpose of gratuitous public relations work and replaced actual journalism with image-building softball-throwing.

The evidence against Karen Swallow Prior has been detailed, thorough, and exhaustive. It’s also been indisputable. You should peruse it here. Thankfully, many tens of thousands already have read the evidence against Prior and almost all have their jaw-drop after clicking the links to primary sources.

Thankfully, we live in the age of new media. The Intelligentsia mouthpieces are increasingly unable to control the narrative and censor evidence. Sooner or later, they will figure out that a mountain of compiled information can’t be overcome by a fake-news public-relations podcast.

The “so-called discernment blogs” own the media now. Get used to it.


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