Julie Roys Doubles-Down on Her Lies About Karen Swallow Prior

Julie Roys has a problem telling the truth. As we have already reported, her journalistic integrity should rightfully be in question regarding her claim that SBC fringe-feminist, Wade Burleson, is an “SBC Insider.” Roys continued to shoot herself in the foot by hosting Karen Swallow Prior for a softball-lobbing public relations podcast, which allowed the uber-liberal to defend herself against her own words and public stances. We wrote about that in the article, Julie Roys invites on Abortionist-Defending and Gay-Affirming Feminist to Attack Discerning Christians.

Again in the safe-space of ‘woke Twitter’ where the soy-mustached latte mafia hangs out, Roys has been telling lies. As she gears up to launch a crusade against John MacArthur complete with faux-outrage about non-scandal scandals, we should all remember that she has a problem telling the truth and being objective.

Heterodox charlatans hate discernment blogs for the same reason that venereal diseases try to resist antibiotics. We are the antidote to the raging communicable disease of otherwise impregnatable ignorance.

In the tweet above, Roys declares that Karen Swallow Prior (KSP) is not a liberal:

KSP just told pro-lifers not to vote pro-life in 2020 in Christianity Today.

KSP said that “abortion is not murder” and “calling abortion murder” is mean to abortion doctors and it’s “unchristlike” in Christianity Today.

KSP worked with her gay BFF to support gay porn propaganda at college campuses called Fun Home.

KSP repeatedly attacks immigration law and promotes amnesty for illegal aliens.

KSP congratulated her “good friend” Rachel Held Evans when she was appointed to Obama’s faith advisory council.

KSP lauds Black Lives Matter.

KSP says that poor people don’t have a right to own guns.

In the tweet above, Roys declares that Karen Swallow Prior (KSP) is not a feminist.

KSP calls herself a feminist, and started an organization with the word ‘feminist’ IN ITS VERY TITLE.

KSP attacked Vice President Pence and Billy Graham for refusing to be alone with women who aren’t their wives on grounds it’s “sexist.”

KSP started a feminist organization full of female preachers and wildly unorthodox theologians to create more female preachers.

KSP flat-out said that she’s not a complementarian and attacks that position.

In the tweet above, Roys declares that Karen Swallow Prior (KSP) is not an animal rights activist.

KSP was chosen by the Animal Liberation Front (according to them) to infiltrate evangelical institutions with “animal liberation theology” back in 2007.

KSP serves the rabidly liberal Human Society (which is more radical than PETA) and issued an animal rights declaration called Every Living Thing.

KSP advocates for the end to modern animal husbandry “even if humans suffer” and “even if the economy of the country be damned.”

KSP thinks pets go to Heaven because when you name them it gives them personhood.

KSP says that cruelty to animals makes her more upset than abortion.

In the tweet above, Roys says Karen Swallow Prior (KSP) is not gay-affirming.

KSP’s language was called gay-affirming by Dr. James White here. He agrees.

KSP endorsed the pro-LGBT It Gets Better Campaign.

KSP endorsed the Revoice Conference both before and after it happened, and endorsed it again on Roys’ program just this week.

KSP endorsed accomodating ‘transgender’ people by changing bathroom facilities to appease them.

KSP chooses not to take a side in the gay marriage issue when she writes.

Do you really believe Julie Roys when she says emphatically “Karen Swallow Prior is none of those things!”

If you can read and research the facts, you probably don’t. Tens and tens of thousands of people don’t agree with Roys on this issue because they’ve obtained basic literacy and elementary reasoning skills.

Roys would simply like the denounce the facts in order to endorse Karen Swallow Prior as a conservative when Roys is a liberal herself.

Roys recently left comments on our page claiming that she doesn’t endorse female clergy. Reality shows Roys repeatedly attacking John MacArthur for his orthodox position, Roys desires Beth Moore to preach on Sunday to congregations of both men and women, her characterization of complementarians as sexists and misogynists, and her attacks against the Southern Baptist Executive Committee for restricting (for now) female pastors from speaking at the annual Southern Baptist Pastor’s Conference.

I summed up her position (and Karen Swallow Prior’s) several times this week:

The reason discernment blogs own Christian media is that we tell truths. And truths don’t go away because of enthusiastic and self-deluded tweets by doctrinally-camouflaged subversive agents who argue semantics rather than substance.


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