SEBTS Professor, Karen Swallow Prior, Has Continued to Endorse Revoice. Here’s Video.

Danny Akin is doing more speaking for Karen Swallow Prior than she has ever done for herself. The woman, who majors in nuance and minors in whimsy, is characteristically unclear. She is also double-minded and frequently contradicts herself, often in spectacular ways.

As SEBTS is reeling from the incredibly stupid decision to hire Prior – a famously liberal English Literature professor – as seminary faculty, Danny Akin has gone on a full-throttled defense of Prior. Unfortunately, Akins’ words spoken on behalf of Prior are almost always in conflict with Prior’s own words.

We wrote about Akin claiming Prior was a complementarian earlier in the week and posted Prior’s own words that she was not a complementarian.

Akin is continuing to misrepresent Karen Swallow Prior and her positions. Below, Akin claims that Prior only endorsed Revoice prior to its horrible unfolding and “disagreed with many speakers and views as wrong and unbiblical” (something Prior has never publicly said, by the way).

But guess what…

Prior is on video after the conference saying she still endorses it.

Here’s the video.


Prior merely referred to the conference as problematic and disagreed with some of it (the same could be said for any Southern Baptist speaking of an annual convention meeting)…however, she “still supports its mission” and affirms them as “Christians.”

But can we pause for a second?

Is Akin seriously arguing that Karen Swallow Prior only used to endorse Revoice? Goodness sakes, she’s on staff at a Southern Baptist College and she used to endorse Revoice! Lord have mercy!

Let me simplify this for Southern Baptists:

Best case scenario: A new professor at an SBC seminary endorsed a pro-LGBTQ event that promised to “celebrate queer culture” but she no longer endorses it now that she’s employed at an SBC seminary.

Worst case scenario: A new professor at an SBC seminary endorsed a pro-LGBTQ event that promised to “celebrate queer culture” and even though she says she no longer endorses it, she still does because nothing has changed except her employment.

Pick one and tell us which one you’re happy with.