Danny Akin Lies to Public, Claims Karen Swallow Prior is a Complementarian and Conservative

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary president, Danny Akin, was caught in a bold lie to the public over the weekend, and needs to be held to account for it.

Danny Akin is overseeing the most rapidly liberalizing anti-revival in the history of any institution of the Southern Baptist Convention. During the tenure of Paige Patterson at SEBTS, it could be counted on to have been a stronghold for conservative principles. Now, its president does ads promoting atheist groups, they do Malcolm X read-in, promote Black Liberation Theology, and have hired one of the most extreme leftists in evangelicalism, Karen Swallow Prior.

On the last item, we wrote SEBTS Hires Gay-Affirming Feminist Who Says Abortion Isn’t Murder to Teach at SBC Seminary.

As you will see linked to primary sources in the article hyperlinked above, Karen Swallow Prior calls herself a “feminist,” said “abortion isn’t murder” and that “calling abortion murder is unchristlike” in Christianity Today, attends gay fundraisers, and endorsed the pro-LGBTQ Revoice Conference.

However, Danny Akin claimed these FACTS about Karen Swallow Prior are “lies” in a tweet on Sunday.

Akin claims that Prior is an “inerrantist” (I’m not aware of anyone saying she wasn’t; what we’ve said is that she’s a liberal and leftist) and that she is a complementarian.

Danny Akin is lying. Here’s the evidence.

There’s your evidence. It’s all you need.

If you need more, just look at Karen Swallow Prior’s own Twitter feed advocating for female preachers and pastors “at all levels” of church leadership and her support for women usurping authority over men.

I texted Danny last night to give him an opportunity to correct himself.

Akin has had lots of opportunity to correct himself since seeing Prior say – in her own words – that she is not a complementarian.

Akin has chosen not to correct himself. No matter what Prior has told Akin privately about her views (which must the opposite of her positions publicly), he now has seen her in her own words say she’s not a complementarian.

By the way, that was just one example. There are hundreds of examples in social media of Karen Swallow Prior attacking complementarianism, just as she attacked the Billy Graham rule and Mike Pence for following it. She’s genuinely an awful person.

Therefore, Danny Akin has seen the truth about Prior from her own Twitter typing. He refuses to correct his error, which must by logical deduction mean he’s the one who’s lying.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary president, Danny Akin, is not a well-intentioned but foolish man. He’s an incorrigible tool of the devil. He is an evil man who lies intentionally to Southern Baptists. And when caught in bald-faced lies, as he was with this one, he ignores it so he can continue doing the devil’s work.

Southern Baptists, stop giving your money to the Cooperative Program. It’s little more than Satan’s money laundering scheme.