SEBTS Hires Gay Affirming Feminist Who Says ‘Abortion Isn’t Murder’ to Teach at SBC Seminary

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forrest, a seminary belonging to the Southern Baptist Convention, just hired a radical leftist and gay-affirming feminist to its faculty. Karen Swallow Prior’s days at Liberty University were limited after promoting her pro-gay book on Liberty’s campus only months ago and her increasingly brazen liberal stances becoming more apparent since Pulpit & Pen began to report on her shocking liberalism since 2015.

Our first post on this exceedingly wicked woman aged exceedingly well, and over the years, verified on every point beyond a question of a doubt. That article, Gay Affirming Research Fellow at ERLC, Shocking Liberalism, laid out how Prior repeatedly uses affirming language toward the LGBTQ (James White agreed that her language was “affirming” on an episode of The Dividing Line), attended pro-LGBTQ fundraisers, supported pro-LGBTQ ad campaigns, and back-peddled and soft-handed abortion while pretending to have been a pro-life advocate (various claims about her past activism cannot be substantiated). Radical animal rights activists saw Prior as an “ally and resource contributor” to “invade right-wing evangelical institutions with an animal-first agenda” as far back as 2007.

Prior giving glowing accolades of a book that argues against the pro-life position. Prior said in Christianity Today that abortion is not murder and defended abortionists from the accusation of being “murderers” Prior said that calling abortion murder is unchristlike. She also is on record saying that animal cruelty (in this case, dog-fighting) bothers her more than abortion. Don’t worry though, she’s against capital punishment, so it’s all good. In fact, Prior has even been glib about dining with the director of Planned Parenthood, almost reveling in the fact it didn’t kill her appetite. Here’s a partial list of all the news sites, commentators and blogs who have noted Prior’s compromise on abortion.

Dr. Prior seems intent on corrupting young people. Prior praised the “It Gets Better Campaign,” which is a pro-LGBT campaign targeted at youth and children and produced videos from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton encouraging kids in their homosexuality. Dr. Prior praised Common Core curriculum, calling it Good News (I kid you not). Prior endorsed the use of gay porn propaganda in high schools and colleges. Pulpit & Pen has written extensively on Prior’s liberal influence on young people in the post, The Liberal Influence on Children and Karen Swallow Prior.

Dr. Prior believes that pets go to Heaven because when you name them it gives them personhood. Prior says she wants an end to modern animal husbandry and factory farms “even if the economy of the country be damned.”

Dr. Prior is a political leftist as well. She was thrilled when Bernie Sanders came to Liberty University. But, we can find no such enthusiasm from Prior for any conservative speaker (although she speaks against the President regularly). When the late Rachel Held Evans was appointed to Obama’s faith advisory council, Prior was giddy with excitement and enthusiastically applauded her. Prior has given affirming words towards the anti-cop hate-group, Black Lives Matter. Prior ridiculed Mike Pence for following the Billy Graham Rule. Prior promotes and supports illegal immigration. Prior says that poor people in bad neighborhoods shouldn’t have firearms.

As a feminist (that’s a term she uses to describe herself), Prior has launched a ministry program with other progressive-liberal women to promote what they call “hospitable orthodoxy.”

Prior has been pushed out of Liberty University because she has been implicated with involvement in the attacks against Jerry Falwell (they have come from Prior’s gay protege, Brandon Ambrosino, who credited Prior with the courage to “come out of the closet”). After promoting and selling her pro-gay book on campus, her days were limited.

Now, Prior has been hired by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, which has reverted to a pre-1979 liberalism every bit as progressive as it was prior to the Conservative Resurgence.

Prior will now be the “full-time research professor of English and Christianity and Culture” starting in 2020.

Sources indicate to Pulpit & Pen that Prior began looking for alternative career options after Falwell became wise to her undermining ways and extreme leftism. Primary options for Prior were Wheaton College through avenues created by Ed Stetzer or a position secured for her at SEBTS by Russell Moore.

Prior, who endorsed the pro-gay Revoice Conference, will fit in well among the cesspool of liberalism that is the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

In the meantime, Southern Baptists need to know every time they put a dollar in the offering plate, they are supporting the Cooperative Program which will fund the salary of this gay-affirming, abortionist-defending, animal rights activist and feminist. And that wicked woman is who will be teaching young Southern Baptist leaders.


Danny Akin says this post is a lie and KSP is a complementarian. We submit both for evidence. I texted it myself to Danny, and he has yet to repent for accusing us of “lies” even though KSP typed this in her own words: