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Attack on Falwell By Gay Writer Likely Instigated by Liberty U Professor, Karen Swallow Prior

Karen Swallow Prior (left), Jerry Falwell (right)

A hit-piece by a homosexual activist against Jerry Falwell, Jr is making the rounds through the national press today. Brandon Ambrosino, writing for Politico, describes a supposed ‘culture of fear’ at Liberty University. As Falwell is no doubt reeling from Ambrosino’s smear-job, he needs to be reminded that the LGBTQ activist is a mentee of Karen Swallow Prior, one of Falwell’s own employees.

With a sensational headline, ‘Someone’s Gotta Tell the Truth: Falwell’s Aides Break Their Silence,’ the Politico article seemed to promise new dirt on Liberty University’s president. However, Ambrosino’s article turned out to be a big ‘nothing burger,’ as he cites anonymous sources (which may or may not be real) like “a trusted advisor to Falwell,’ ‘two dozen current and former high-ranking Liberty University officials and close associates of Falwell,’ and a ‘senior university official.’

Brandon Ambrosino

Ambrosino wrote his lengthy muckraking article without doing any actual investigative reporting. Everything written about by Ambrosino, from Falwell’s club scandal, the intimate photos (of or with his wife) that Richard Cohen supposedly helped him cover-up after some horrible human being came into possession of them, and various claims that he’s engaging in economic cronyism have all been publicly reported already. In fact, Pulpit & Pen has published articles on most of those issues, and so the bulk content of Ambrosino’s article was hardly enlightening.

What made Ambrosino’s hit-piece sensational was his claim that those on the inside of Liberty University were speaking out about their misgivings regarding Falwell’s leadership. It was false advertising, as Ambrosino failed to produce any whistleblowers whatsoever.

Nonetheless, when Ambrosino claimed in Politico that he had spoken to people on the “inside” of Liberty who disliked Falwell, of whom could he be speaking?

Prior, who is largely responsible for the firing of Paige Patterson from Southwest Baptist University, is not to be trifled with. We have repeatedly warned Falwell that Prior is a danger to his institution, writing, Open Letter to Jerry Falwell Jr., Drain the Swamp and Fire Karen Swallow Prior.

Readers of Pulpit & Pen already know who is Ambrosino’s closest friend and ally. As we’ve previously reported, Ambrosino’s idol, muse, and role model is Karen Swallow Prior.

When Prior helped Beth Moore, Sarah Pulliam Bailey, and other feminists ‘take out’ Paige Patterson in the #ChurchToo scandal, Religion News Service spoke of Ambrosino’s affinity for Prior in the article #ChurchToo Supporter Karen Swallow Prior Builds Bridges Between the Extremes.

Ambrosino spoke glowingly of his good friend and Fallwell employee, Karen Swallow Prior. He was asked about Prior by Religion News Service because the homosexual’s close relationship with Prior is well known.

Speaking like a stereotypical homosexual, Ambrosino says, “She dresses like Oscar Wilde and she’s wearing all of these funky colors and she has a dozen different textures in one outfit. She appeals to so many different groups of people.”

Most of those people to whom she appeals are liberals and homosexuals.

Prior retweeted Ambrosino’s first attack on Falwell back in 2013, Being Gay at Jerry Falwell’s University.

In that 2013 piece in The Atlantic, Ambrosino credits Dr. Prior with helping him come out of the closet proudly.

“I mean, I’m not a parade-and-politics type of gay. I’m gay, sure, and most people know it. But I don’t really work it into conversations unless it naturally comes up. So at Liberty, most people probably figured I was gay, but most people kept that suspicion to themselves. Most people, that is, except for Dr. Prior.”

According to Ambrosino, Prior summoned the gay student to her office and coaxed out of him his homosexual identity. Then, she gave him the encouragement to come forward and embrace it.

Since Prior helped Ambrosino embrace his homosexuality, the two have repeatedly teamed up in social media and in the press to go after conservative causes and individuals together.

Dr. Falwell should be aware that he is being attacked from the inside. Prior has teamed up with her long-term gay ally, and is going after her own employer.