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When we first started reporting on Karen Swallow Prior’s ungodly capitulation to the abortion industry in our very first post on her, in which she stated she desired to drop labels like “pro-choice” and “pro-life” in favor of seeking “common ground” with abortionists, Pulpit and Pen received quite a bit of backlash. We even lost a contributor over the kerfuffle. We were told that Prior was being misrepresented, or that we should “read all of her material” to understand her better. We were told by people like Chris Bolt that we were lying about her, and that we should have reached out to her first for clarification.

But the tides have turned.

In the wake of arguably one of her most revealing articles yet, (in which she has now updated 3 times), the evangelical world has learned quite a bit about her. The people who have stuck their neck out for her time and time again are now eating their words and deeds. There has been a massive response to Prior’s latest post, in which she admonishes Christians not to refer to abortion, a heinous crime against God, as “murder.” As ridiculous as that sounds, the ERLC research fellow, and Liberty University professor actually said it. And Pulpit and Pen reported on it first.

But we weren’t the only ones to take notice. Below is a list of blog posts from a broad range of evangelicals who have responded to Karen Swallow Prior’s atrocity. Some of them we would differ with theologically and some we would agree with, but all of them reject the liberal-minded nonsense of bowing to the abortion industry’s demands of acceptance and normalization, even through speech. Keep checking, as this list will be updated periodically.

ERLC Research Fellow Defends Abortionists, Says It Isn’t Murder, Jeff Maples, Pulpit and Pen

An Ethical Disaster, Woe To Karen Swallow Prior, Seth Dunn, Pulpit and Pen

No Convictions: The Karen Swallow Prior Story, JD Hall, Pulpit and Pen

Aiding and Abeting the Abortion-Industrial Complex, Joel McDurmon, American Vision

Abortion: Yes, They Are Murderers, Tony Miano, Cross Encounters

Pro-Life Rhetoric in Civil Society: A Response To Karen Swallow Prior, Steven Wedgeworth, The Calvinist International

The Abortion Debate: A Response To Karen Swallow Prior, Anne Kennedy, Patheos

Gosnell Wasn’t Ghoulish, and Abortion Isn’t “Murder,” Jesse Johnson, The Cripplegate

Is Pro-Life Speech Really To Blame For Abortion Clinic Violence? – CBN News

Would Christ Call Someone UnChristlike? – Michael Coughlin

Podcast: Abortion, Murder, Karen Swallow Prior, Guest JD Hall, Jeremy Lundmark (host) Theology Matters

Hate Shouldn’t Stoke Pro-Life Debate, Tim Laitinen, Opinionated Laymen

Podcast: Understanding Ethics Biblically, Seth Dunn, Christian Commute










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