SEBTS’ Karen Swallow Prior Just Posted Photo With Her Gay BFF on Instagram

Karen Swallow Prior is a huge celebrity in the LGBTQ community. She attends gay fundraisers, endorsed the gay Revoice conference (both before and afterward), and has a ton of gay followers. And, she just posted a photo of herself and gay BFF, Brandon Ambrosino, on Instagram. According to Prior, “had to go all the way to San Diego to catch up with this guy.” (The trip was probably to attend the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society.)

Ambrosino credited KSP with him coming ‘out of the closet’ at Liberty University in the article, Being Gay at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. Ambrosino is one of several gay students who Prior helped to ‘come out’ to the world and she maintains a long list of students-turned-friends who are proud homosexuals.

Ambrosino also teamed up with Prior to promote gay porn propaganda for public schools and colleges and can be seen in the infamous ‘gay fundraiser’ photo with Prior.

Ambrosino (center left), Swallow Prior (center right) at the gay film festival and fundraiser.

Ambrosino is also the very homosexual activist who has been torpedoing Jerry Falwell Jr. at Liberty University. We reported in September that Ambrosino’s attempts to oust Falwell over his conservatism by his hit-pieces in Politico should probably implicate the involvement of Karen Swallow Prior, whose extreme-left views are at odds with Liberty University, her former employer. We then wrote an Open Letter to Jerry Falwell Jr., Drain the Swamp and Fire Karen Swallow Prior. Soon after, Prior promoted a pro-gay book on campus and soon announced she was changing employment to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Ambrosino recently left glowing words for Prior (including her fabulous wardrobe and style-sense) in a post at Religion News Service that highlighted her feminist #MeToo work and accomplishment at taking down Paige Patterson.

Prior knows full-well that her employment at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary has caused Danny Akin, SEBTS, and the entire SBC leadership a major headache. She knows that she’s believed by many to be a radical liberal and gay-affirming leftist. And yet, she just now posted a photo of herself with her gay bff, the very one responsible to trying to ‘take out’ her former employer, Jerry Falwell Jr.

This woman is dangerous. She is a liar. She is a leftist. And most importantly, she is rubbing the SBC’s face in it.

Ambrosino wasn’t the only gay, former student who met with Prior in San Diego. It turns out, there’s quite a few and they adore her. She’ll now be influencing Southern Baptist seminary students. We’ll see what kind of flock of homosexuals that she’ll produce in a few years.

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