Audio: Interview About Rosaria Butterfield’s Subversive LGBT Agenda

Rosaria Butterfield does not hold to conservative views on human sexuality. She is only a slightly more convincing version of Sam Allberry. She is a radical leftist, as will soon be demonstrated through articles at P&P.

Yes, we recognize that Butterfield has branded herself as a “conservative” LGBTQ convert. However, Diane has studied Butterfield’s spoken words and read her material thoroughly and will demonstrate at the Rolex of Polemics Blogs using Butterfield’s own words that she is a subversive plant in the conservative evangelical church and is just as progressive on homosexuality as anyone at Revoice.

Butterfield’s work on “hospitality” has been a pivotal cog in the LGBTQ wheel on their journey to take over American Christianity. She is a part of the plot. Do not be fooled by her.

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