Google Makes a “Gender Neutral Video Game Controller”

Have you ever wished that your video game controller was less male or female? If not, you’re probably a normal human being. If so, you’re probably an executive at Google.

Google has now come out with a “gender-neutral video game controller.”

Stadia is Google’s brand new streaming game service for online gamers. It could have been advertising its functionality or features. But, no. They think that controllers have been too “gendered.”

How is a controller “gendered” considered they don’t have genitalia and men and women have the same number of fingers?

As reported by CNN Business, Google VP and Stadia’s CEO, Phil Harrison, said their competitors have been “more masculine,” and wanted to take advantage of Google’s lack of “pre-existing ‘gamer culture’.”

Google tested hundreds of colors and and after much testing, they settled on “Wasabi” as the final color because it had an equal appeal to both males and females.

“Both men and women gravitated towards this color. It ended up being super gender neutral but still very expressive. It’s really hard to find colors like that.”

So there you have it. “Black” is apparently a male color, as it’s the traditional color of game controllers. Some unknown color (Google did not say) women prefer but both genders hate “Wasabi” equally as much.

It’s sad that what Google is really trying to do is ‘control’ its users by really, really lame social engineering.

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