Karen Swallow Prior Attacks BACON!

Karen Swallow Prior, a gay-affirming feminist who works as a research fellow for the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), has now turned her sights on the evils of…bacon.

Now, it’s serious.

Prior, has frequented gay film festivals, was chosen by animal rights activists to infiltrate evangelicalism since at least 2007, has joined with feminists to bash complementarianismhas written the praises of Rob Bell, Pat Robertson and Rachel Held Evans, has said that abortion is NOT murder and that calling it such is “unchristlike,” has said that she wants an end to modern farming methods “even if the economy of the country be damned,” thinks pets go to Heaven because when you name them it gives them personhood, and was even successful in getting the SBC to partner with the radical agenda of the insanely liberal Humane Society.

And now, the infamous KSP is going after the delicious breakfast meat. While encouraging a boycott of Pulpit & Pen, she took to Twitter to also encourage a boycott of bacon.

Prior, as reported and hyperlinked in the above paragraph, has already argued extensively that feeding human beings is not worth “mistreating” animals.

The report linked by Prior from the UK Guardian laments a U.S. trade deal that would be a major boon for the American pork industry. The trade deal would allow American hog producers to send their pork to the United Kingdom, which has ultimately caused an uptick in pork prices domestically and in foreign markets. Currently, American pork is cheaper than British pork because American producers have access to modern animal husbandry methods that are illegal in the British nanny state.

What makes the bacon “inhumane,” as argued by the UK newspaper and Karen Swallow Prior? Chiefly, that American pork has been given chemically-induced growth hormones. There is some evidence (although it’s disputed) that the growth hormone may contribute to increased cases of lameness, stiffness, trembling and shortness of breath.

Of course, a bullet to the back of the head when it gets made into the bacon will also cause lameness, stiffness, trembling and shortness of breath. Who cares? It’s bacon.

The U.K. also bans “gestation crates” which keep giant pregnant sows from turning around in their pen, which keeps them from eating the food of smaller pigs, but people presume it is uncomfortable. The practice is legal in 41 of the American states, but illegal in the U.K.

Mainly, the issue is that bacon in the United Kingdom is insanely expensive because of the burdensome cost of production imposed by an overbearing government. The Guardian is lamenting that the British pork market will be hurt by an influx of delicious, delectable, affordable meat candy. Karen Swallow Prior agrees that cheap bacon is a bad thing.

If the middle-class benefits from cheap bacon, the poor will benefit from cheap bacon. Prior’s degree is in literature, and not economics, but it only makes sense that the less something costs, the more it will benefit the poor. We assure you that the poor would like to have some bacon.

Prior’s bleeding-heart-liberal fans wanted to know why we can’t get bacon from stem cells. Prior reminded the fan of her pipe-dream.

Mmmm. Petri dish meat. That sounds…horrible.

Prior might hope for Frankenstein meat, but the rest of us are content with physically neglected and emotionally scarred pork that was raised the old fashioned way…in a factory jail cell.

Not all of her followers were quite sure how her animal rights activism fit into the rest of her Social Justice activism.

While Karen Swallow Prior is worried about “ethically sourced bacon,” the rest of us are wishing that evangelicalism would just give us ethically sourced theology…not from a feminist, not from a social justice warrior, and not from bleeding-heart-liberals who think that their meat was made in the supermarket.

You can have our bacon when you pry it out of our cold, dead fingers.

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