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Animal Welfare and the SBC

Pulpit & Pen has been reporting for months about the socially progressive agenda of Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) fellow Karen Swallow Prior.  With the publishing of Every Living Thing: How Pope Francis, Evangelicals, and Other Christian Leaders Are Inspiring All of Us to Care for Animals, Southern Baptists have a whole new reason to be embarrassed of Prior and incensed about funding Dr. Russell Moore’s ERLC.

JD Hall covers more of the story at the Polemics Report in his piece “Southern Baptists’ Secret Animal Rights Agenda”:

Southern Baptists divert approximately four million dollars from missions every year to the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. Since the inauguration of ERLC president Russell Moore, that four million dollars has given Southern Baptists the return of a strong advocacy for a Mosque to be built in New Jersey, a softening tone on homosexuality, a partnership with George Soros’ amnesty-focused Evangelical Immigration Table, and an incoming United States President who thinks the ERLC president is a “very nasty guy.

Read JD’s entire piece here.



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