Book Review: 50 World-Changing Events in Christian History

Earl Blackburn is a fabulously no-frills, “OG” (that’s Original Gangsta, for those who don’t dig my jive) Reformed Baptist preacher, the type and kind of which kept the lanterns burning during the dark days before the Reformed bandwagon was crowded with tourists. Today, Reformed Baptists tattoo their knuckles with 1689; Earl Blackburn is of the generation who would show you their scars from living in an age when Calvinism wasn’t as cool. He is of that generation who showed us who our Founders were, and did so when rediscovering and reclaiming our doctrinal heritage was a man’s game.
Blackburn’s new book, 50 World-Changing Events in Christian History, is a testimony to the balancing act of scholar-pastor that he has come to personify so well. The book, as the title suggests, includes summaries of 50 events from Christian history that changed the world as we know it, and every Christian who wants a firmer grasp of how God has worked throughout history should read it.
At just under 325 pages (not counting the conclusion and bibliographies), the book covers the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD to rise of social media in the 1990s. Some of the events you could have called (like the former), but others (like the latter) are provided as a thoughtful supplement to the significant occurrences in Christian history that have typically gone unnoticed.
50 World-Changing Events in Christian History would make an excellent addition to the church or home library, and would be a fantastic learning tool for you homeschool families, assuming you can read (just kidding). I look forward to assigning it to my daughter’s history reading this Spring.
You can purchase the book at Amazon, here.
For Blackburn’s SermonAudio page, click here.

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