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Russell Moore Calls Border Fence “Golden Calf,” Scolds Evangelicals

Talk about mixing politics and religion. The SBC’s chief ethicist and director of a more than four million dollar budget ERLC, Russell Moore, has referred to a proposed border fence as a “golden calf.” For those unfamiliar, this is a reference to an idol crafted by Aaron at the behest of the Israelites, which solicited God’s judgment.


This was also a dig at Donald Trump, who has strongly advocated a border fence and suggested that he would contrive a way for Mexico to pay for it (source link). Trump also advocated for a border fence at Liberty University at approximately the time of Russell’s tweet (source link). The fence is clearly the idol in Moore’s analogy, and Trump is Moses. And you evangelicals desiring border security are a bunch of dirty idolatrous Israelites.

Russell Moore has been a long-time proponent and defender of illegal immigration, even once saying that Jesus was an ‘illegal immigrant’ (source link). Moore said last fall that being against illegal immigration will lead one to becoming pro-abortion (source link). Moore leads the George Soros-funded pro-amnesty Immigration Table (source link).

Let’s not make this about a former democratic-staffer who advocates illegal immigration to the point of Bible-twisting. Instead let’s just ask the question, “How many Southern Baptists would agree with that?”

Is Russell Moore really reflecting the views of Southern Baptists, the majority of which are evangelicals he just equated to idolatrous Israelites worshipping a golden calf? Is he and his organization worth more than four million dollars a year?

I’ll leave you with words from Charles Spurgeon…

Seeking the good of the country as aliens, we must also remember that it behooves aliens to keep themselves very quiet. What business have foreigners to plot against the government, or to intermeddle with the politics of a country in which they have no citizenship? An Englishman in New York had best be without a tongue just now; if he should criticise the courage of the generals, the accuracy of their despatches, or the genius of the President, he might meet with rather rough usage. He will be injudicious indeed, if he cannot leave America to the Americans. So, in this land of ours, where you and I are strangers, we must be orderly sojourners, submitting ourselves constantly to those who are in authority, leading orderly and peaceable lives, and, according to the command of the Holy Spirit through the apostle, “honouring all men, fearing God, honouring the king”; “submitting ourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake.” I cannot say that I delight in political Christians; I fear that party strife is a serious trial to believers, and I cannot reconcile our heavenly citizenship with the schemes of the hustings and the riot of the polling booth (source link).


[Contributed by JD Hall]