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SEBTS Says White Ministers Shouldn’t Pastor Mixed-Ethnicity Churches

Cultural Marxism takes various forms and goes by various names, including Critical Race Theory, Multiculturalism, and Intersectionality. Essentially, it all has the same underlying purpose, which is to cause division.

Economic Marxism sought to cause division between the classes and pit the proletariat against the borgeouis to bring political change. Cultural Marxism, the kind and type of which was invented by fascists in Italy and Jesuits in South America, seeks to cause division between identity groups (whether race, gender, or sexual orientation) to bring political change.

It would make sense then that Christians who want to unite the church rather than divide it would stay as far away from the Cultural Marxism of Tim Keller and The Gospel Coalition as possible. The growing divide between the virtue-signaling Social Justice Warriors in the Soros and Riady-funded parachurch organizations and believers within the local churches is the direct result of the Cultural Marxism promoted by those parachurch organizations. The drive to turn evangelical votes leftward by adopting the perverse philosophies of Karl Marx has intentionally caused this division; it’s what the philsophy is designed to do.

The “Kingdom Diversity Department” at the radically-woke Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (a Southern Baptist institution) was recently created to promote Social Justice and Critical Race Theory in the name of Jesus.

In a recent Kingdom Diversity podcast hosted by Jason Cook and Courtlandt Perkins, the hosts claim that white pastors should not aspire to pastor blacks, Hispanics, or those of different races.

Doesn’t that sound like church unity to you?

Reformation Charlotte transcribed their comment the following way:

“…white men, and especially seminarians, need to die to the idea of being a pastor of a multi-ethnic church.”

It is at the 27:05 mark of the podcast posted here.

During the days of Martin Luther King, believers struggled to come together and worship. Today, there are thousands upon thousands of multi-ethnic churches where mixed-ethnicity congregations worship in unity. If that multi-ethnic church has an ethinic minority pastor, the SEBTS podcast hosts claim, it’s okay. But if the multi-ethnic church has a white pastor, it’s not okay. It’s…racist or something.

As RC writes at Reformation Charlotte:

Southeastern has gone completely off the rails with their “woke” theology. The fact that the color of one’s skin should be the determining factor of one’s qualification to lead a congregation says much more about the people pushing that ideology than it does the rest of us

If you’re a Southern Baptist, please do not support the Cooperative Program with your tithes and offerings; you’re only supporting rampant leftism. For more information, check out Seth Dunn’s book on how to give to your church but keep your money from going to the CP.