Russell Moore Takes Pelosi’s Side, Urges Trump to Give Away Your Taxes to Foreign Countries Amidst Shutdown

President Donald J. Trump is resisting pressure to sign a Democrat-led House bill that would end the government shut-down but wouldn’t fund the border wall and would instead use tax dollars to fund abortions overseas. Russell Moore has recently joined with 24 other “faith leaders” to urge the president to not cut foreign welfare no matter what.

Moore, who also recently signed a statement in partnership with Muslims, Jews, Catholics, and Cultists claiming the apparent equality of all religions, signed this letter sent to the POTUS, begging him to continue funding “foreign assistance programs.”

Keep in mind that the current government shutdown has had a horrendous affect upon American farmers who rely upon the funding and expected payments by the USDA in exchange for their labor. Keep in mind the current government shutdown has adverse consequences on Americans in many different walks of life, and not just federal employees on holiday. While many feel the shutdown is necessary in order to strengthen our national sovereign borders, the delay of government funding still hurts.

Russell Moore and his associates in the liberal branch of evangelicalism have not gone to bat for you hurting Americans, urging Democrats in the House of Representatives to fund the border wall that was already approved by a lawful act of Congress. No, Moore and his associates have sent an aggressive letter to Donald Trump urging him to not help Americans, but remember to fund the same types of foreign aid that – in the past – have paid for abortions overseas.

According to CBN news, the letter was sent from Russell Moore, Leith Anderson (the president of the National Association of Evangelicals, which just officially agreed to an expansion of LGBTQ “rights”), NAR Apostle Sammy Rodriguez, former SBC President Ronnie Floyd, and others.

Most of the other signers are of the same Soros-funded and Soros-created group, Evangelical Immigration Table, of which Moore, Anderson, and Rodriguez are all members. And now, they’re pressuring the President to end the shutdown, even if it means funding the abortion provision bill by House Democrats.

Addressed to Trump, Pence, and National Security Advisor, John Bolton, the letter cited Jesus’ words from Luke in which Jesus said, “from everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded.”

The letter continued:

Our nation has been richly blessed, and we have the privilege and obligation to share some of those blessings with those in need around the world. We do this through our private missionary, development, and humanitarian programs. But our government also has an indispensable role to play in diplomacy and in poverty-focused assistance programs.

Of course, Moore, Rodriguez, and Anderson all represent powerful, influential, and wealthy evangelical groups that could spend millions of dollars on overseas poverty relief, should they be so inclined. The budget for the ERLC is 4 million dollars from the Cooperative Program of the SBC alone, not to mention the money passed under the table by leftist billionaires, James Riady and George Soros. Asking the government to fund foreign welfare but not asking them to secure our borders demonstrates the Beltway world these men live in.

The letter ended by expressing, “These programs help make the United States a great nation, and they also contribute to our security and continued prosperity.”

Of course, none of the aforementioned men are on record asking for a border wall to help our nation’s security and continued prosperity.

These evangelicals, led by Russell Moore, are tools of the Democratic left. Instead of lobbying Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to urge them to end the government shutdown by funding previous congressional commitments – the border wall – they are insisting that Donald Trump end the shut down so he can continue using American tax dollars to strengthen every nation but America.

You can read the letter here.

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