Women’s Baptist College Enrolls Cross-dressers, Places Students in Harms Way

Recently it has been decided that Stephens College (aka The Columbia Baptist Female Academy in Columbia), Missouri—the second-oldest women-only college in the country—will begin accepting admissions applications from crossdressers, that is, men who dress like women and try to force others to refer to them as “ma’am.” This will ultimately place the female students in harm’s way of misguided sexual deviants beginning in 2019.

The Columbia Female Academy was established on August 24, 1833. In 1856, David H. Hickman helped secure the college’s charter under the name The Columbia Female Baptist Academy. In the late 19th century, it was renamed Stephens Female College after James L. Stephens endowed the college with $20,000. Until recently, Stephens College held to strong Baptist traditions and teachings, however, it seems that with this latest turn of events that they have strayed from that orthodoxy.

It looks as though Stephens college also has little regard for the safety of their female students by allowing these mentally ill sexual misfits to be integrated into the college. The simple, hard truth of the matter is that “transgenderism” is a mental illness rooted in the sinful desires of a rebellious heart. There is no such thing as “transgender,” you are born either male or female, it’s God’s decision, and you have no say in the matter. One cannot “trans” back and forth between genders because they have emotional or mental inadequacies.

Until recently, those who have suffered from these “trans” issues have rightly so been deemed as mentally and spiritually ill. However, in today’s “PC can’t offend the snowflakes’ world,” people of average mental capacity are forced to affirm these suffering, sin-sickened individuals, as “normal,” when in reality they are not. Whether it is public, the workplace, news outlets, and now in private colleges people of right-mindedness are being forced to have to accept the mentally ill as normal. If one does not accept this premise, then you are the one that is looked upon as being “not right.” It is important to remember that wrong is wrong even if the whole world is doing it and right is right even if no one is doing it.

Stephen’s College has seemed to jump onto the leftist bandwagon of all “trans” are good “trans.” This college, in their attempt to be all-inclusive, has in actuality brought reproach upon themselves and the church and has invited the wrath of God to their doorstep. What Stephen’s College has failed to realize by allowing crossdressers into their midst is that men will exploit their sexual deviancy not only for the purpose of fulfilling homosexual desires but also for their own self fulfilling heterosexual desires.

Stephen’s College should abandon the idea of allowing unrepentant sexual perverts into their school and protect the female students that are attending this college. Sadly, I don’t believe this will be righted until it is too late and someone becomes a victim of a transgender deviate act.

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Richard Haas

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