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Senator Jason Rapert Calls Out Russell Moore on His Politics

It’s not very often I agree with Russell Moore on something. Just do a search on this website for Russell Moore and you’ll see what I mean. But Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission posted an article yesterday that I would certainly agree with. The article basically lays out how many Christian leaders will abuse 2 Chronicles 7:14, and apply it to American politics. Moore says in the article,

But the fact is 2 Chronicles 7:14 isn’t talking about America or national identity or some generic sense of “revival.” To apply the verse this way is, whatever one’s political ideology, theological liberalism.

While I don’t take the position that Christians shouldn’t care at all, or be apathetic towards politics and the leaders of our nation, I do wholeheartedly agree with that statement.

But, it’s like a completely different Russell Moore here. Will the real Russell Moore please stand up?

Politics, it seems, has taken over Russell Moore’s life. Just look at his Twitter account. It’s littered with tweets bashing Donald Trump, and praising his obvious candidate of choice, Roman Catholic Marco Rubio.

Yet, in response to this recent article, Arkansas Republican Senator, Jason Rapert, felt the need to lecture Dr. Moore on his political theology. Rapert says,

Russell Moore, I have been reading your recent articles and I am concerned. It is interesting that you have decided to take a position that seems to imply Christians shouldn’t he concerned with who their leaders are, who., vote for as elected officials and try to explain away the need for ALL of Gods people to heed the instruction of II Chronicles 7:14. Are you now going to say don’t worry about Paul’s letters because they were written for specific churches and specific times and really don’t apply today? You are playing right into the hands of the worldview that has brought us “anything goes” Christianity – same-sex marriage, abortion without accountability, ordaining of homosexuals, etc. I don’t know how you have remained a leader among the Southern Baptist churches while seeming to steer people towards apathy as it relates to civic duty. I thought that was one of your charges, get Christians involved in public debate, impact the hearts and souls of our nation, so our nation would elect righteous people to public office. I am going to pray for you, because your recent articles seem affected by perhaps visiting in Washington, D.C. too long. If you believe I have misread you in some way, please clarify your positions.

-Sen. Jason Rapert


For the record, I completely disagree with the senator’s charge here, that abortion, same-sex marriage and ordaining of homosexuals is a result of Christians being apathetic in politics. These are sin problems, and the answer is not going to be found in some “righteous leader” that we elect into office, it’s only going to be found in righteousness of Jesus Christ, our Savior, who shed his blood on the cross, bearing the penalty for our sin, and three days later rose again that we might have eternal life in Him.

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