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SEBTS Dean, Brent Aucoin, Makes Anonymous Troll Account to Attack Critics

News Division

Dr. Brent Aucoin, Associate Dean at the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, went on Twitter to call former SEBTS student Jon Harris… a slime ball.

You heard it here.

He tagged Dr. James White, Tom Ascol, and Phil Johnson. Brent Aucoin (remember… Professor and Associate Dean Aucoin) wrote from a secondary Twitter account. The tweet was sent on June 25th. The whole thread can be seen here. Those interested in diagnosing the inner workings of the minds of those leading SEBTS (or those possessed of a morbid curiosity) may find it difficult to look away.

Some highlights:

Your eyes did not deceive you. Dr. James White told a dean at Danny Akin’s SEBTS to go home and rethink his life.

Brent Aucoin fired back that James White cares little for the church or for Christian unity. Aucoin proceeded to call Jon Harris a wolf in sheep’s clothing who knowingly maligns genuine Christians and biblically sound churches.

But two minutes later, that’s when Aucoin stumbled upon the burn to end all burns. A real stinger. And it was worth the wait.

“Go home and read your Bible.”

Oh Brent!

Oh Dr. White — How will you ever recover?

SEBTS Associate Dean of the College for Academic Affairs, Brent Aucoin

Dr. White seemed unbothered. White pointed out that this account had no followers and appeared to be a troll account.

What was the answer from Brent Aucoin? (Keep in mind, this is SEBTS Associate Dean Aucoin – who lives on a salary derived from the church offerings of faithful Southern Baptist church members.) He complained that Jon Harris has been attacking him, his church, and his place of employment.

Not that! Anything but that!

For reference, here is Jon Harris’ best-known video expressing candid concern about the theological downgrade of SEBTS.

This Jon Harris fellow can be a real meany too.

The proof: Every time Brent has tweeted at Jon from a new troll account, Jon has blocked him. Oh the humanity!

From his alt-account Aucoin continued: “If you want my real account just see @brentaucoin.

At this point another twitter user stepped in and tried to wave down Dean Aucoin:

Are you serious???? Brent… slow down and think! Talk to others who know you and get advice before saying things like this!!! You are better than this! You are blinded by emotions right now! Praying for you and I love you!

Brent responded:

I am all ears brother. Show me where I am going wrong.


But this is strong evidence that a mind cannot long get away with corruption and evasion. It will eventually crack under the pressure.

What you see in a man like Brent Aucoin is not uncommon within the halls of academia — especially within schools of the purportedly Christian type.

In future times, it would be fitting that whenever weak and unstable men are exposed as unfit for duty, it will be said of them:The Lord saw fit to make an Aucoin out of him.

But this will never be said, because few people are paying attention to Brent Aucoin. The only folks who are paying attention are that vile little band of internet bullies—the social justice contras—who keep asking that nasty little protestant question: “Why?”