List of Vaccines Derived from Aborted Babies

Although a 2005 statement from the Vatican gave approval to Papists to dose up their children with vaccines obtained from aborted babies (so long as it was confined to the research process and not production), you might feel differently as an evangelical or Protestant believer.

The fact is, vaccines for chickenpox, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, hepatitis A & B, measles-rubella, mumps, polio and more are taken from cell lines acquired via abortion. There are 21 known vaccines taken from such methods.

Truth is power, so here is a list of vaccines taken from aborted fetal cell lines. Be forewarned, you may need to click on this screenshot on your device in order to enlarge it. However, if you can’t read it, the pdf is available here.

The pdf is taken from Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute.

There are essentially three ethical problems with such vaccines. The first is that aborted fetal parts are used for various kinds of medical and vaccine-related experiments. The second is that cell lines are used from aborted babies.

However, there is a third concern that is more medical than ethical; there is foreign human DNA being put within such vaccines and medicine, which have a wide possibility of negative ramifications for human health.

[Editor’s Note: More will be written about vaccines and Christian ethics in coming days, and both sides will be carefully examined]

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