Texas Clergy Gather to ‘Bless’ Abortion Clinic

Texas clergy gathered to ‘bless’ an Austin-based abortion clinic with prayer and positive vibes.

An impastor blesses an abortion clinic procedural room with some liberal hocus pocus voodoo.

The Whole Woman’s Health Alliance boasted yesterday on their Facebook page about a gathering of religious clergy members who came to the abortion facility to give it a holy invocation.

Along with local clergy of various faiths were representatives of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and the Texas Freedom Network.

Photos were released of eight clergy members, 5 women and four men, who gathered in a prayer circle to pray that God would bless the facility designed to murder children.

Here (above), another clergy member recites liturgy designed to invoke God’s blessing on the kill-facility.

It is unknown if either Matthew 18:6 or Matthew 19:4 were texts covered in their Scripture readings.