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New ERLC Hire a Member of Left-Wing “Progressive Baptist Convention”

News Division

The ERLC announced today that they have hired Steven Harris as the “Director of Advocacy” for the entity’s Washington DC office.

In this role, Harris will work with government leaders in the legislative and executive branches to advocate for the ERLC’s position on important issues. He will also analyze legislation and produce content for ERLC outlets.

In the press release, the ERLC includes glowing recommendations from both Mark Dever and Thabiti Anyabwile.* Harris, in fact, has blogged for Dever’s 9 Marks (but if you follow the asterisk at the end of the last sentence, you’ll see why Dever’s recommendation isn’t enough for us not to be curious as the political perspective of Moore’s new hire).

We decided to look into exactly who Steven Harris was, considering the socially-progressive trajectory of the ERLC. To explain why we’re incredulous when it comes to Moore, the following list is just a dose of what the P&P has covered in regards to the not-so-slow left turn upon which Moore is taking the ERLC.

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Stevn Harris was pastoral assistant at Consolidated Baptist Church, where he remains a member. The Consolidated Baptist Church is a member of the Progressive National Baptist Convention. The Progressive National Baptist Convention is a denomination founded upon and focused upon the precepts of “social justice.” The convention supports liberal activist groups like the NAACP and ordains female clergy. The PNBC website says that its goals are to…

New generations of Progressive Baptists are continuing the struggle for full voter registration, education and participation in society, economic empowerment and development, and the realization of universal human rights and total human liberation for all people.

Churches from this denomination have been replete with scandal, sin and compromise on social issues. A quick Google search would reveal the depth of the theological and moral problems of churches associated with the Progressive National Baptist Convention. The organization has refused to take a stance on homosexuality. In fact, the SBC overwhelmingly voted to sever ties in 2004 with the Baptist World Alliance over theological concerns, in part, like those espoused by BWA member denomination, the PNBC.

Harris regularly attended TD Jakes’ Word-of-Faith, Properity and Social Gospel church, The Potter’s House, while attending seminary at Dallas Theological (thankfully, he has since criticized the church and Jakes’ ministry in a review of one of his books).

In recent days, Harris has Canerized his  Twitter and sermon audio. All has been scrubbed, just prior to the ERLC’s announcement of his hire. Perhaps that’s because of his speaking engagements with very socially-progressive ‘Christian’ organizations, sharing the stage often with female clergy and other very liberal clergy members.

Harris is a graduate of Southern Seminary and seems to be – at least through 9 Marks – affiliated with Dever. As Dever was instrumental in the hiring of Moore at the ERLC, this may be a mutually scratched back scenario (or maybe not). Regardless of Harris graduating from a conservative seminary and having some kind of relationship with Dever, he’s a member and staff-person of a socially-progressive, politically-liberal, social-gospel church.

In other words, it sounds like he’ll fit in great at the ERLC.



[Contributed by JD Hall]

*An Aside: Troublingly, as Moore is losing more and more confidence from conservative Christians regarding his social stances and ecumenism, he seems increasingly flanked by the support of Mark Dever. Dever’s church members – serving as trustees of the ERLC and with his advisement – were pivotal in the selection of Moore to head up the ERLC. Regardless of what Dever feels he has invested in Moore, we pray that Dever figures him out soon]