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Glenn Beck Pronounces Himself Saved at Ed Young’s Church, Crowd Riotously Applauds

News Division

Mormon, Glenn Beck, pronounced himself saved at Ed Young’s church during a recent “Freedom Experience” service.

Young has taken some criticism for inviting the Mormon to preach to his evangelical congregation, Fellowship Church.  Church spokesman, Andy Boyd, told the press…

“At Fellowship, we wanted to bring in one of the most qualified people to speak on that subject,” he told the Christian Post. “Glenn Beck is a man who is undoubtedly an American patriot, loves this country, and has shown his love for God in many ways. His knowledge of our history and his understanding of our nation is unmatched, and we’re excited to have him here.”

Apparently there aren’t any Christian American historians that Fellowship Church could find.

Young introduced Beck as…

  • Founder and owner of The Blaze
  • Married to a great wife with four kids
  • A fashion designer
  • An entrepeneur
  • Someone who stands for godly character and qualities
  • Someone who has the courage to speak truth in love
  • Someone who is a great American

Conspiciously absent was the introduction of Beck as the practitioner of a false religion, who if he does not repent and believe the Biblical Gospel will split hell open.

If there’s any doubt as to whether or not Young and Fellowship Church consider this Mormon a saved believer in Jesus Christ, Beck speaks of his conversion to Mormonism and finding “the saving grace of Jesus Christ” that got him “back onto [his] feet.”

You can watch this on the video below.

Beck’s Jesus, of course, has the following distinctives

  • Beck’s Jesus teaches one must follow the Commandments to be saved
  • Beck’s Jesus and Satan are “spirit-brothers”
  • Beck’s Jesus is the product of a sexual relationship between God the Father and Mary
  • Beck’s Jesus had a Gospel that was completely lost from the Earth, and reclaimed by Joseph Smith
  • Beck’s Jesus cannot save us from murder or repeated adultery

These things are just the start of where Beck’s religion goes wrong. But even worse, a man who believes that he’ll be god one day just had his salvation confirmed by thousands of (probably) equally-lost people at Fellowship Church.

And so, the Downgrade continues.


[Contributed by JD Hall]