Russell Moore Gets A Head Pat And A Hand Smack From Doug Wilson

We have written previously about Russell Moore’s confusing forays into the Gay-“marriage” debate and the inconsistent, ill-thought out comments that he has made regarding questions of morality and Christians advice. Russell Moore has been nipping at the heels of this issue for a while now, throwing pebbles at the window hard enough to make a sound, but not enough the break the pane. This time, however,  it seems he may have finally put a crack in one.

Thankfully Doug Wilson, on his blog HERE, wrote a short, succinct piece which captures the heart of it very well. An excerpt:

“I would start by encouraging you to take a look at this video Q&A with Russell Moore. If time’s winged chariot is at your back, you can jump to the fifteen minute mark, which is what I will be writing about…

Moore says rightly that Christians ought not to attend same sex ceremonies, and he says this for the right reasons. Everybody would understand our attendance as approval, and since we don’t approve, we cannot attend. But he then says that we could attend the reception, or the shower, and so on. I honestly cannot make any sense of this. The reception is the celebration of what just transpired. If what just transpired was an abomination, how can we celebrate it?

The entire sexuality battle is about approval, not participation. We are being maneuvered into the place where we start using ethical air quotes. “Well, I do ‘disapprove’ of this behavior, and yet, will do absolutely nothing to express that disapproval in a way that might be taken as disapproving.” I do not agree with your sin, but I am willing to raise a toast to it.

Evangelicals are nice, there is no getting around it. It is our besetting sin. That means about the worst thing you can tell us is that we are being mean to somebody. Maybe that meanness is turning someone away from Jesus. Our niceness is the steering wheel that we always want to put our critics behind. Not surprisingly, they always steer us straight into compromise.

[Contributed by Dustin Germain]

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